Vertical farming advantages and disadvantages?

Vertical farming is a process that is able to provide a solution for cultivating agricultural products and also – the use of extensive tracks of land that is quite necessary for doing so. Is primarily involves the basic practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers and also the surface is designed in such a way or even structures such as were houses and buildings or even skyscrapers as they can be of multiple users at the same time. This article is all about vertical farming disadvantages and advantages.

Vertical Farming

The capacity for producing food is one of the most essential elements in order to servile of communities and also the societies all across the world as there is also a need to increase the total production capacity of the food production and also the agricultural outputs to cope up with the growing human population in the world. However, there are certain limitations in natural resources that are going to prove as quite exhausted after a certain amount of time including the usable land area that remained a particular problem for farming and also food security for our future generation to come.

Advantages of vertical farming

Those who actually support this idea and also believe that this is rather a better way of producing crops and also there are more other benefits than the actual or traditional farming method they also playing that it is more efficient in terms of the total farming cost. All of the product will be grown fully organic and also know pesticides are any type of insecticides are being used as also maintaining a controlled environment through technology and help as there will be no insects or any type of garden pests that can actually attack the plants and harm the total goods that are to be produced by the total project. 

Another benefit that comes through some amount of consideration is that the crops that are going to be grown inside this facility will be for the protected form any type of inclement weather and therefore it is more likely to have less amount of loss suffered by the farmers with the crops that will happen during hurricane saw any type of flood or snap freezes because the temperatures within the vertical growing platforms as the entire environment inside the platform will be kept at ambient conditions with the proper management systems. And also in terms of the effect of global weather conditions and also the factors becoming more and more unpredictable day by day, along with the problem of global warming is a huge one, vertical farming sounds like just a solid option to get out of any type of problem and also secure the future for our next generations.

Disadvantages of vertical farming

However despite all the above-discussed benefits that we are going to get from vertical farming they are also a certain amount of negative aspects that haven’t been mentioned in the terms of vertical farming and those are pollination, which is something that needs serious consideration. Insects are very crucial to do the pollination of the plants as they are the basic elements through which the plants are able to produce fertile seeds from the flowers and also be able to contain the fruit of the vegetable that we think of our daily consumption objects. As there will be a totally controlled environment free from any type of insects the pollination procedure will have to be done by human hand which is also very much labor-intensive and along with this, it is more likely that the total process will cost more in the result.

And while also talking about the cost factor we all know that the urban land is far more expensive than of basic farming land. And along with it is going to add up of the cost of creating such type of a concept and also powering up a farm scraper for lights along with controlling the ambient temperatures and this type of expertise and Technology are not going to be cheap of exercise. 

Another fact that adds up to the list of the disadvantages of vertical farming is that the overall dependence on technology which is going to be a huge factor as if a vertical form is lost from any type of power source for even one day then it is going to cost a big loss in the overall production. Also, there is another fact that is the power stops then all the crops growing will die since they are dependent on the artificial atmosphere which is basically helping to maintain a constant or ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius along with the proper and constant amount of humidity. So this basically concludes the overall and basic discussion of vertical farming disadvantages and advantages.

Vertical Farming Research

Actually the easier way to explain the concept of vertical farming is something like that with the overpopulation of the world ever increasing and and also the water and land being a limited source they are quite some need surfacing for the proper research of alternative option that is being sought for feeding the massive amount of population and also minimizing the amount of land use. 

We are going to continue to feed and also provide housing for the growing population and adding to this fact is the need for more land for the housing then the land for farming and also forest area is more likely to shrink down in a significant amount. This problem has one of the most potential solutions as someone came up with one of the most brilliant idea of the century or so it may seem over the surface of having city blocks of concrete and glass where you are going to be able to farm-fresh or even poultry and pigs and even fruits and vegetables all in one single controlled environment inside the farm scrapers that are going to form a vertical growing platform.