About Us (Updated Jun 2021)

Vertical Template was built with the idea of creating useful templates for churches. Over time, it change to focus on adding values to freelancers and startups who are new to online business.

We are focused on bringing useful and targeted content to every visitors and wish to create a better Internet.

  • For a start in 2020, we have hire multiple local youths to let them experienced being a content writer at the comfort of their home. It was a great choice and experiences and will continue this project. (Managed to hire from from Glints and JobStreet)
  • Our goal is to be completely independent in 2021 and starts to spread our knowledge to others who believe in bringing values to visitors. (Monthly income is stable and able to sustain with the lack of due to low rates provided. Do not want to drive up rates yet until I understand the formula to rank better, or else end up like AsianBoss which have problem surviving relying on funding)
  • (Update for 1H 2021, income is stable and should recruit more writers to maximize output.)
  • By 2030, we hope to be sufficiently funded to assist socially responsible projects that are under-served or unable to find any traction due to lack of knowledge or resources. (Raised $114 in 2020 and to be continued and consolidated for a bigger purpose for more impactful. Probably do a yearly event that will have compound effect like Youth For Cause or maybe a content studio that house and train writers in an intense basic media training aka BMT, providing studio facilities and internship)
  • By 2050, we have to handover the projects to the next generation of pioneers who will continue to grow this project and nurture the next generation. 

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