Website Investment

Invest your money in content rather than spending in advertisement. 80% of ads spending are losing money and only result in short-term boost.

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  • Mobile Friendly

    80% of visitors use mobile phone. Ensure your content is mobile friendly.

  • Social Likes

    Do you want short-term social likes or long-term content? Most followers in FB does not even see your content unless you pay money to advertise.

  • Search Friendly

    Most purchases are still made based on search. Ensure your site is search engine friendly.


How much does it costs?

Currently, we are still closed to selected clients. Do let us know if you are interested in investing in your website.

Can I become a millionaire?

Nothing have the answer. It depends on how valuable your visitors like your website and what it is offering. Remember the customer is king.

When will I be notified?

Maybe 2020, maybe never. Why should we invest in your websites if we can be self sufficient?