BLACKPINK's Personality MBTI Insights

BLACKPINK, the globally acclaimed K-pop sensation, not only dazzles with their electrifying performances but also captivates with their unique personalities.

Each member brings a distinct flavor to the group, much like the varied colors in a vibrant tapestry.

  • From the adventurous spirit of Jennie, who dives headfirst into new experiences as an ISFP (Adventurer),
  • to the dynamic energy of Lisa, the ESFP (Entertainer) who lights up stages with her charisma,
  • Jisoo, the ISTP (Virtuoso), adds a pragmatic and hands-on approach, contributing a practical yet adaptable strength to the group dynamic,
  • while ENFP (Campaigner) Rosé infuses the ensemble with her enthusiasm, creativity, and passion for exploring new ideas, captivating audiences with her expressive performances and imaginative storytelling.

Together, they form a harmonious blend of personalities that not only mesmerizes fans but also adds depth and richness to their music and performances. These are based on public information and observations, so they may not be officially confirmed by the members themselves.

  1. Jennie - ISFP (Adventurer)
  2. Lisa - ESFP (Entertainer)
  3. Jisoo - ISTP (Virtuoso)
  4. Rosé - ENFP (Campaigner)

MBTI for Jennie ISFP (Adventurer)

Jennie's personality as an ISFP (Adventurer) shines through in various aspects of her life and career. She is known for her spontaneous and adventurous nature, always eager to explore new ideas and experiences. For instance, in her solo endeavors, Jennie has showcased her creativity through fashion choices that reflect her unique style, from chic urban looks to elegant and whimsical outfits.

Furthermore, Jennie's love for art and expression is evident in her passion for music and dance, where she infuses her performances with emotion and authenticity, connecting deeply with audiences. Her Instagram posts often reveal her appreciation for nature and beauty, highlighting her sensitivity and appreciation for the world around her.

While ISFP is a strong fit for Jennie's personality, another MBTI possibility could be INFP (Mediator). This type also values creativity and authenticity but tends to be more introspective and focused on ideals and personal values. However, based on public information and observations, ISFP seems to align more closely with Jennie's spontaneous and hands-on approach to life.

MBTI for Lisa ESFP (Entertainer)

Lisa's vibrant and expressive personality aligns perfectly with the ESFP (Entertainer) type. She exudes energy and charisma both on and off stage, captivating audiences with her dynamic performances and infectious enthusiasm. Lisa's love for dance is a prominent aspect of her identity, showcasing her creativity and passion for movement in every choreographed routine she delivers with precision and flair.

As an ESFP, Lisa thrives in the spotlight, enjoying interactions with fans and fellow artists, often bringing laughter and joy to those around her. Her playful nature and ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds make her a natural entertainer, earning her admiration worldwide.

While ESFP is a strong match for Lisa's personality, another MBTI possibility could be ENFP (Campaigner). This type shares many traits with ESFP but tends to be more focused on ideas and possibilities, often engaging in creative projects and advocating for causes they believe in. However, based on public perception and observations, ESFP resonates more with Lisa's outgoing and spontaneous nature as an entertainer.

MBTI for Jisoo ISTP (Virtuoso)

Jisoo's self assessment of MBTI is ISTP.  ISTPs are known for their practicality, adaptability, and hands-on approach to problem-solving. Jisoo demonstrates a pragmatic and resourceful side. For example, in interviews, she often showcases a calm and analytical demeanor, carefully considering her words before speaking.

Additionally, her interest in photography and fashion suggests a keen eye for detail and aesthetics, traits commonly seen in ISTPs who enjoy exploring the technical aspects of their hobbies.

Another possibility is ISFJ (Defender) as Jisoo shows a nurturing and caring nature aligns beautifully with her being the "mom" of BLACKPINK, taking on a protective role within the group and showing genuine concern for her members' well-being. Jisoo's strong sense of responsibility and dedication to her craft is evident in her diligent approach to her work, always striving for perfection and supporting her team members in every way possible.


MBTI for Rosé ENFP (Campaigner)

Rosé's enthusiasm, creativity, and passion for exploring new ideas resonates strongly with the INFJ (Campaigner) personality type. 

Rosé's dynamic stage presence and expressive performances suggest a natural flair for creativity and a love for engaging with her audience on an emotional level. Her ability to infuse her music with heartfelt emotion and storytelling resonates with the spontaneous and imaginative nature of ENFPs.

Moreover, Rosé's openness to new experiences and willingness to experiment with different musical styles and genres reflect the curiosity and adaptability typical of ENFPs. Her involvement in charitable initiatives and advocacy work also highlights her compassionate and empathetic nature, traits that align with the values of ENFPs who are often driven by a desire to make a positive impact in the world.

Personally, another MBTI possibility for Rosé could be ISFP (Adventurer). This type also values creativity and authenticity but tends to be more spontaneous and hands-on in their approach to life and art. However, based on public perception and observations, INFJ seems to align more closely with Rosé's thoughtful and purpose-driven nature as an advocate and artist.


In conclusion, the members of BLACKPINK each embody unique MBTI personality types that contribute to the group's dynamic and captivating presence. Jennie's adventurous spirit as an ISFP, Lisa's vibrant energy as an ESFP, Jisoo's analytical nature as an ISTP, and Rosé's dynamic stage performance as an ENFP all come together to create a harmonious blend of personalities that enriches their music, performances, and interactions with fans.

While these MBTI types offer insights into their individual traits, it's important to remember that personalities are multifaceted, and the members of BLACKPINK bring their own unique mix of qualities that make them a beloved and influential force in the entertainment industry.

Understanding someone's MBTI type can offer valuable insights into their personality and behavior. If you're curious about how to guess someone's MBTI type accurately, check out this insightful article: How to Guess Someone's MBTI Type. Explore the strategies and techniques to decipher MBTI types and gain a deeper understanding of the people around you.

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