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There are lots of urban farms in Singapore. Urban farming is the future. A country that is totally dependent on other countries for food needs to take some serious steps towards food growth, and they have started to take measures.

In Singapore, there are quite a few urban farms that are scattered in concrete jungles.

Rooftop garden

Funan Urban Farming

Most of these farms are producing pesticides free and organic vegetables. Some farms have also given tour guides so that you can check how they are producing food. Few urban farms in Singapore are given below:

Artisan Green

It is an indoor farm that uses the system of hydroponics for vegetable growth. This farm is housed in a laboratory under the monitored conditions of temperature and LED lights. This practice will ensure that grown vegetables are as healthy as possible. This farm actually uses 90% less water than the soil-based farm. In this method, vegetables grow in mineralized water instead of soil. 

This farm is currently selling the baby-spinach which is totally free from pesticides. Currently, they are selling it at the farmer’s market, but in the future, they are planning to sell on other platforms. 

Pacific Agro Farm

You will be amazed after witnessing the size of the pacific agro farm. They are growing almost everything. They are producing cherry tomatoes, basil, and eggplants. You can visit the farm anytime you want. In $5 you can have a tour of 30 to 45 minutes and see what’s happening behind the scenes. You can take their workshops by sign up on their website. 

They will tell you how you can make your own hydroponics system setup. After the visiting farm will see you off with a box of cherry tomatoes. If you don’t have time to visit the farm you can make a purchase on their website. You can order different products online such as red grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, compost or potting mixture. 

Bollywood Veggies 

It was started in 2000 and since then it is growing in stature. Plants grown there are used in dishes made at restaurants, museums, and culinary schools. There are hundreds of edible plants in the farm such as tapioca, pumpkin, and sweet potato. They have the special activity of ‘Plant the Paddy’ which will help you to learn how to plant rice. You can also attend the ‘talk with the medicine woman’ in which you will learn different healing properties and medicinal plants. You will get hand-made desserts and fresh bread herbs from the farm. 

Sky Green

It is the first low carbon vertical farm in the world with 9m shelves. Sky green has the shelves of green plants in a tower of 9m height. It has won multiple awards because it is the first low carbon hydraulic-driven vertical farm in the world. Vegetables are harvested and delivered to markets on a daily basis so that you will enjoy the freshness of food. You can buy them at the fairest price from any store. 

Citizen Farm

The specialty of this farm is they hire those people who have intellectual disabilities. If you are too much busy in your life and don’t have time for grocery shopping only thing you have to do is just subscribe to Citizen Farm’s citizen boxes for just $35 per week. You will get microgreens, leafy greens, mushroom and the natural herbs for 3-4 meals/week for only two people. It will deliver directly to your doorstep. 

They supply their products to almost 40 restaurants so you can enjoy the fresh food taste. A good thing about them is they conduct farm tours in which you will learn about mushroom cultivation, indoor hydroponics set up, and even insect farming. If you want to go more in-depth than take one of the workshops of a farm where you will get the hands-on experience of farming and also you will get lots of knowledge about sustainability. 

Hydro Urban

It is always exciting to know what’s inside the food you are eating. One thing that makes hydro urban so special is there farming system is so transparent. The products they produce are totally pesticides free. Hydro urban farm consumes only a small amount of water, energy, and nutrition for their production process. 

You can buy most of their veggies online such as red vein baby spinach and mixed salad greens. They also have the recipes that you can follow to make your own mixed salad. 

Urban Farm and Barn

If your hobby is gardening and you are looking to start it this farm offers consultancy services on the creation of garden space at your home irrespective of the size. If your schedule is busy and you don’t have the time of gardening adopts a plot and let the farmers do everything that your plants need. You can visit their store for compost and tools. 


It is placed at one of the last places where you can’t think of a farm. Comcrop is placed on the rooftop. If you are curious about urban farming than there is good news for you this organic farm offers a tour for the public on every first Saturday of the month. They will also let you know how cleverly they are using space and technology. For more updates, you can also visit their Facebook page. 

You can purchase their fresh mint and basil online also you can purchase their lettuce from the finest outlets at a fair price. The best thing about this farm is all the food they produce is free from all sorts of pesticides, herbicides, and no modified seeds are used. 

So these are the few urban farms in Singapore. As the population of Singapore is growing they cannot totally rely on imports. So urban farming without any doubt is the future. They are also practicing vertical farming so that they can minimize their dependency on other countries. Singapore is a land scare country. So they want to switch to vertical farming so that in minimum space they can get the best results.  


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