Marketing Persona (#1 Step to Marketing)

Want to drive more sales or new to marketing?

Don't start without doing this step. Creating a marketing persona.

Don't believe it? How about listening to a piece of advice from a marketing guru. Seth Godin is a best-selling USA author and speaker with over 18 best-selling books like Purple Cow, The Dip.

He said this famously that trying to please everyone and you won't please anyone. This meant you should personalize and target your message to a specific audience which leads to the concept of Marketing Persona or Buyer Persona.


Seth Godin about Pleasing Everyone


Why do I need a marketing persona?

Creating a marketing persona is the first thing that comes to your head when you think about the business’s goals, desires, and limitations of the target customers. In most of the cases, marketing personas give a guideline about a service, product or the future of the marketing strategy.

What you have to bear in mind that marketing persona is not all about one user. They are a representation of the goals and behaviors of a hypothesized group of customers that the company is considering to target. When creating a marketing persona, the company should be very accurate when determining the significant and the insignificant part of the market that they are supposed to target.

What are the benefits of a marketing persona?

  • Better quality sales lead. They also encourage lead nurturing programs for different personas.
  • You are able to discover which types of personas are better for your company and for this reason you get more targeted analytics.
  • There’s also consistency on the part of the business
  • You better understand your customers’ wants and needs. You also get a clear picture of where your customers are spending much of their time.

What is a marketing persona?

Business is like a reversing a car, you have to check what is behind you or what you are likely to hit. Similar, you cannot create content or ads without determining your audience.

Marketing persona is the first thing that you have to create to ensure that your content marketing is engaging potential buyers and generating leads. What this means is that before marketing, you have to, first of all, understand your audience concerns.

The main reason why you are required to create a buyer persona is that helps you determine what kind of content you need in your marketing campaign. You later have to set a tone, style and delivery strategies from a strong base.

In the most obvious definition, personas are characters that are created to represent the different users in the environment. In business, personas are combined with market segmentation to represent specific customers.

What are some persona questions that you should ask yourself?

This is the first thing that you need to have in mind before you rush to create a marketing persona. Just take some time for you to take a closer look at the current target audience. If you better understand your current target audience, then you can better group them.

Before sharing some useful persona generator, here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself when you are trying to create a marketing persona.

  • What is the segments’ age range?
  • Where do they spend a lot of their time?
  • What is the segment’s job status?
  • What is their typical work experience?

Where is the segment likely to get their information? TV, Facebook, Twitter or where else?

Buyer Personas Template and Tools

Instead of just providing a template, we recommend using the following tools to narrow down your specific buyer persona.

  • Facebook's Audience Insight - Use this to explore your audience in your target demographic. For example, search by region and age group and find what people or fan pages your audience like. It could be another FB page and you can advertise and focus on.
  • Hubspot Persona Generator - Useful for a starter and you can also insert your own section in the last step. It includes export/download functionalities for sharing too.
  • Hotjar - We don't believe in being right immediately. It is all about testing and Hotjar let you have survey forms, heatmaps, track visitors and understand their behavior. 

The fact that there are several customer characteristics that exist in your marketing perspective and for this reason, you have to make adjustments to your marketing tactic if you want to drive more sales.

The most influential thing is defining and creating your marketing persona so that you will be able to identify the most relevant customers for your business. After you identify the most relevant customers, you will be required to use this information to create targeted marketing campaigns. In this brief, we are going to address some issues concerning marketing persona and eventually guide you on how to go about it.

In most of the cases, the process of creating buyer personas can be very time consuming and for this reason you need to spare ample time for the whole process. At this point in time, I want to give you several tips that you can use to create buyer personas.

Take comprehensive research on each persona

Now that you have already spared some time to come up with a clear picture of who are your buyers, the next thing is to better understand them by taking comprehensive research on each. Among all steps, this is the one that consumes a lot of your time. The main aim of this research is to come up with information about your buyer’s demographics, personal life, interests, career and many more. At this step, you need to answer all the questions that we raised above.

Create personalized customer experiences for each persona

Now that you have been able to identify and know much of your target audience’s information, the next thing is to use this information to increase sales. It is now easier to create personalized experiences for your customers. This can have a massive impact on your business. Just ensure that you have tailored a message and your content delivery for different customers is effective.

If you are marketing online, then you can set up different landing pages for each of the customer personas and how it flows. Some examples include

  • Building an email list and sequence for new customer gain knowledge on their problem and trust you can help them before introducing a product
  • Having a landing page for a customer who has researched and considered your product and a competitor, and is just looking for an offer from one before buying

Customize and copy for different personas

It is now time to use your buyers’ personas to deliver relevant ads for different prospects. The reality of the matter is that what attracts one buyer may not be something of interest to another buyer. What this means is that you have to consider different buyer perspectives to make things work for you. What this means is that you have to create different ad copies to appeal to different buyers. You have to, first of all, determine the buyers that the ad fits most.


Do have a marketing persona before proceeding with any plans. But don't waste too much time as you can make assumptions and refine along the way. Do contact us if you wish to share your problems.