How Many Articles To Write In A Month

When it comes to checking on how many articles a company should write in a month, it would be easy to say that the more articles posted the better.

Every company and industry is different and to put a precise number becomes quite difficult. It will always depend on the size of your industry, company and the strategy of selling that you engaged in. Posting timely articles is very paramount since the fresh content will keep the momentum, gaining value and popularity with time.

If you can, posting at least once per 2 weeks will ensure that you get more entries which in turn maximize your blog value. When a company produces fewer articles, people will forget about you and need to decide again whether to bother reading about your new post rather than continue their habit of reading. Once a habit of reading your posts is developed, it will be harder for the reader to break.

Posting articles on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Posting Guidelines

When it comes to social media, we don't recommend posting unless you have a dedicated person managing the account.

You are required to strategize more on the issue of when to post because everyone has information overload. This is also where your number of posts matters on platforms.

There is no issue of posting too much as long as you don't cause annoyance. This is easy as you just need to break down your main content to many tidbits of 1 to 3 liners for fast reading.

When it comes to the major social platforms, here is a kind of wisdom that you need to apply:


On this site, every company has got some kind of experience in posting. The best time to post an article here is between one to two times each day during the weekdays and barely once a day during the weekends. Facebook is quite good at rewarding you to post the content that engages many people. When you post an article and in the end, it is received well by your audience, then it will be leading in their news feed for a longer time. This will give the article many hours or days of value. On the contrary, posting more than three times per day might cause a negative outcome, the reason being that the followers will tend to be overwhelmed and become less interested in your articles.

By this knowledge, it is important to check when you should post so as to reduce your daily posts. Posting during lunch hours will receive many shares since this is the time many people are having a lunch break from work. 3. p.m. would also be another appropriate time to post and get most clicks same as 9.a.m and 7 p.m.


This is a quite different platform. It involves delivery of tweets to a user’s newsfeed in a format of the sequence. These tweets are shown on a timestamp basis. This is to say that their lifespan is much shorter. They range between a few minutes to two hours on the basis of the number of accounts that a person or a user if following. In the case of business, there should be a spot between four to fifteen tweets per day for the multiple time zones and four times a day for the local companies.

Tweeting also depends on hours and the most popular time is noon and 1 p.m, whereas the least popular time is between 3 to 4.a.m. Therefore, tweeting during the lunch hour may give you a large audience since there is a commercial break and thus people can have time to check on what is trending on social media. You need also to note that due to the time limit, during noon the tweets might tend to be pushed down quickly than 3 a.m. This might not guarantee a large initial audience but the audience that will have time to screen the articles more. On the contrary, food companies may not have to follow such a schedule of limited times. You may post your posts you will be required to send more posts, contrary to other companies.


This is another platform that could take up to 20 posts per month which will enable the company to reach an average of 60 percent of its audience. Especially weekdays, In order to get the attention of a business professional, it is good to post at noon during the time that they are on their lunch breaks. Early evenings also become appropriate when the users are finalizing their workday.

When it comes to knowing when and how many articles you should write in a month, it is important to know your audience and their needs. You will have to rely on the comments that the readers of your articles provide. By following these guidelines you will be able to start and track the results. If positive results follow, then you can stick to that strategy.

Importance of knowing how many articles to write per month

Creating blog articles

The good thing with having the knowledge on how many articles you need to write per month is that you are able to know how to get your audience attention well without causing boredom.

Posting much time will make your readers get used to your articles and thus makes the most interested. Knowing when to post is also paramount since there will be hours that will have fewer shares and likes. To get the maximum attention you need to know the best time to post and this will give you a positive outcome. Posting more often is also good so as to make sure that you keep your audience updated about your company and your articles.

According to my view, writing twelve to sixteen articles per month can be very good at keeping the readers updated about a certain company. Fewer articles mean no new products and services that the readers need to know about.

Keeping readers updated will mean more just like an advertisement, the more you advertise your products the more people will get to know about it which in turn brings a lot of benefits. Therefore get to know about your company and write as many articles as required with the best timing possible to achieve the best results that can ever be.