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As a digital marketer, you should be excited and scared of the inevitable AI revolution. In the near future, we feel AI will eventually take over marketing in the following areas:

The world that we live in today is one that is mostly controlled by the many creations of technology. While some people might like to say that technology has done more harm than good, in the world of man, it is also a known fact that technology has made man’s life really convenient. With the use of the artificial intelligence that the technology world brought, it is easy for people to subscribe to such things as smart cities, smart buildings, smart life, smart gadgets, and a bulk load of other things. It must be noted that just the way that technology is vital to the world of man, it is also very effective in the world of marketing.

One might say that the job of the marketer deals with the end-users of a product, but that is not all that there is with the marketer’s world. In more recent times, the job of a marketer has been made easier when Google imputed the technique of using metrics and analytics to analyze data and with that, it has been more evident, AI would take over the place of marketers in the marketing world.

How will AI take over Marketing?

The act of automation is one of the most recent trends in the world of marketing. Most people that work in corporate organizations understand this fact clearly and this is because instead of humans, they have been able to input some new technologies that make work easier and faster while taking away the need of a man in the corporate environment. In times past, one of the worries of marketers is the fact that companies would, as a matter of fact, need to compete with each other on the basis of how well they are able to utilize the functions of artificial intelligence. These worries have begun to act out as the new cool as companies now compete with each other using that perspective. The reason for this is seen in the fact that the demands of people have increased and sometimes what the producers produce is not always enough to satisfy the unending demands that people have. For this reason, companies have to keep producing more of a particular product from time to time and this would require a workload of speed and ability to satisfy the needs of men. This is what distinguishes companies from each other these days

In addition, it has been stated in recent times that companies have been able to utilize the use of automation and artificial intelligence to get software that helps them to analyze big data and at a faster pace. This is one aspect that not all marketing experts can meet up with and the world around is moving at a much faster pace. This is the reason why automation processes are taking over the world of marketing and more marketers are losing their jobs on a daily basis. It has been noted that there are now digital means of knowing and understanding the turnout of people to a particular product and this can be done by imputing a kind of software that transforms and analyses data. This is how AI is taking over the world of marketers.

There is a new technology that has been created in the world in recent times and it is called the AIM- artificial intelligence marketers and this occurs in the aspect of accuracy and how well data are transformed. Marketers sometimes in their jobs do make mistakes and these mistakes could be very hard to correct when dealing with a large pull of data, but these new AIM technology has been able to help in that regard and this is the reason why companies now prefer this measures to human marketers. It has even been noted that the brainbox behind the affairs of some marketers is the AIM technology and so this means that although the AIM technology has the potential out make irrelevant marketers, it could still be utilized by marketers for certainty and assurance of data.

How the AI world and marketers can work hand in hand

Automation and the world of AI help with data analysis but artificial intelligence mechanisms deal mainly with what they are programmed to do, most times these technologies cannot go out there to gather the data that are the most accurate and this is the reason why marketers would always be needed regardless of how much technology is utilized in an organization. Also, when it comes to the computing of data which the artificial intelligence technologies end up interpreting, the marketers only can do that, the artificial intelligence mechanisms can only interpret based on what is programmed on them. The earlier human marketers and the actual technologies start working together, the better it is for the corporate and business world.


The marketing world is a whole world of creativity and this creativity comes in handy when you are the kind of person that evolves as technology evolves in the marketing world.

It has been estimated that in the year 2020, it is likely that automation takes over the world of marketing and this would only mean that more and more marketers would lose their jobs, the few ones that would remain in businesses and corporate environments would be those that are savvy about what they do and how they can work with the technologies that are brought it.

Regardless of how much technology is brought into the corporate world, there would be a need for some people to make use of those technologies and this is why marketers need to update themselves on the relevance of artificial intelligence in the marketing field. The world is no longer a place for so much hard work, it is now a place for people who can work smart with the smart technologies that are now in place all around the marketing field

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