Lumen5 vs InVideo Compared In My Experience

According to WordStream, marketers who use video in their digital strategy increase revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

The 2 best online video tools for content creators to convert their blog are Lumen5 and InVideo.

Below is my comparison based on my personal experience using a laptop without dedicated graphic cards and my personal requirement to create engaging listicle videos 

Lumen5 vs InVideo

  • Automated Text-To-Video - Firstly, both "AI" in Lumen5 and InVideo generate a video that is shorter than you wanted (i.e. they will not take the whole script. Both AIs are not perfect so I have to review their features for making listicle videos.
  • Selection of scripts - InVideo recommends and limits to 50 lines while Lumen5 automating select which lines are the best. Both allow customizing and adding on as expected. Out of the box, I prefer InVideo methods of selection since I can control the lines rather than having AI skips my script randomly for my listicle videos. 
  • Editing of Videos - Lumen5 has a simpler 1 interface UI that works in most cases, while InVideo has a basic editor and complex editor that unlock the ability to adjust the timing of video and voiceover, music, etc. Personally, I would pick Lumen5 simplicity and complete approach but it was too laggy for my computer.
  • Voiceover - Lumen5 has a voice-over option which I didn't try though as it was too laggy (might be due to my computer not having dedicated graphics cards and is just an office laptop). However, InVideo has an automated voiceover. I will pick InVideo for the automated voiceover even though it can be discerned by a viewer over time. I am just not comfortable using my own voice. 
  • Cheapest Plans Compared: Lumen's cheapest paid plan of $29/month (or $19/month billed annually) excluding any discount, limits the creation of 10 videos/month, 720p videos. InVideo's cheapest paid plan of $16 (or $8/month billed annually) excluding any discount, limits the creation of 60 videos/month up to 15 minutes and 300 uses of premium video/image per month. InVideo seems the better choice at the cheapest plans.
  • Higher Tiers Compared: Lumen's higher-paid tier allows watermarking and more fonts, more stock photos, and 20 videos/month. InVidoe's higher-paid tier allows unlimited use of premium video/image and video creation.
  • Support - InVideo has chat support that was really fast (I used it because I had issues from my AppSumo lifetime purchase) while Lumen5 has traditional email support. InVideo is just amazing in chat support and knowledge of the support. I had my issues resolved as soon as possible. 
  • Export Time - InVideo is surprisingly slow compared to Lumen5. It could take me half an hour just to export and download a 10 mins video as it must go through a slow rendering process. Their download speed seems slow too and not that responsive (at times, I will end up with 2-3 download tasks not knowing the first download triggered). Lumen5 is definitely faster in exporting without a rendering process.

Overall, I loved InVideo better at the current stage to fulfill my video needs (automated voice-over and script selection are predictable unlike Lumen5 reliance on AI, though you could manually start from scratch). Below is an output of my 1st video using InVideo which I will improve with more creations over time.

Don't Buy InVideo From AppSumo Until You Read This

Personally, I don't like paying regularly for the software. In fact, I only considered InVideo given there was a lifetime version. I tried everything in the trial, loved it so I bought an InVideo lifetime code from AppSumo.

I refunded it immediately after applying the code and consulting the great chat support from InVideo.

    The reason for refunding was simple, the AppSumo InVideo code doesn't include an automated voiceover.  I cannot believe it given that there is a super long list of features:

    1. 30 Videos/month
    2. Unlimited team members
    3. 1200+ Handcrafted templates
    4. Standard media library
    5. Video length up to 10 minutes
    6. Unlimited character length
    7. All stickers and overlays
    8. Special text boxes
    9. Copyright-free music
    10. Reseller rights
    11. Advanced editing
    12. No InVideo Branding or watermark
    13. 1080p Resolution
    14. Custom font uploads
    15. Make videos in any language

    The InVideo chat advised that the only way to get automated voiceover is to upgrade to the Business plan which would make the purchase from AppSumo pointless so I refunded.


    My recommendation is to try both and see which is better for you as they are different, and take note of their limitation. Things always change over time.

    Things will always change for Lumen5 or even InVideo so I will keep a lookout as InVideo pricing seems too good to be true for now.

    I started with the free version of Lumen5 long ago before having to switch due to the laggy on my computer. In fact, I even looked at Fiverr and someone in Fiverr wanted to charge $5 USD for 3 Lumen5 videos of just click and export the videos. I was still hoping they will customized and extend the video but nope so that is an outrageous rate that is probably why no one reviewed that gig. 

      Other Comparison

      I saw some recommendations for Videonami (by Content Samuari which I loved in the past too) or EasyVSL, etc but those are probably not for people wanting to convert blogs to videos.

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