Is professional gaming a viable career

If you have the basic knowledge or experience of playing online games then you probably already have seen a lot of footage of world-known gamers and all of their best video clips over the social media or on YouTube. And even in the modern age most of the society is still saying gamers as a negative light and also parents continue to force upon their kids who spend a significant amount of hours playing video games as quoting them as a waste of time.

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The actual rise of professional gaming legends or electronic sports is something that many did not see coming while it’s at the beginning. In August 2015 the game developer valve held their DOTA 2 tournament and also the total prize pool for this video game tournament was a mind-boggling amount of 18.4 million US dollars which is quite unthinkable towards many other competitive gaming platforms and even for the first time of its time. The popularity of electronic sports is also reflected by the famous E-Commerce chain known as the Amazon which is about 970 million of total by out of which which is a platform where the electronic sports tournament are streamed as live video footage and also seen as YouTube for gamers by their can also live stream their Indian adventure and also earn a living from playing any type of advertisement and selling viewers subscription packages. Many fanatical games and along with their concerned loved ones have been wondering for quite some time that if it is possible to really make a career out of just playing video games and with talking about this aspect there is a lot of research and also statistics shown along with the reality of being a professional camera and whether it is indeed a viable career option or not. This article would help you answering to pursue your own passion and also the question that is professional gaming a viable carrier.


With the message amount of increase in the tournament prize money and also all of the life streamers of sports and video game players it is quite easy to have the common misconception that one can very easily become very rich just by playing video games and uploading videos and just for an example you might have also seen various mainstream media reports on how 16-year-old boy won a total of 1.6 million dollars after his team rise through the champions for the international 2015 esports tournament. 

But on the other hand the actual reality is not quite similar to this fact as many do not realize that there is existing a lot of survivorship bias among the media reports and also most people only see the success case is that army one in a thousand only one in a million and other stories about gamers making millions per year. 

In the matter of finance and business there is a term which is known as risk-adjusted returns to which a simple explanation would be one should not just look at the highest possible returns as the expected value of a taken decision by himself rather than this actually has to be adjusted properly along with the cope up with the all of statistics of probability of the scenario occurring.

Getting a career in electronics sports and what do you actually need to know and how to get started

You do not actually need to be a professional gamer in order to get a proper job within the circle of electronic sports but there are also other options that are available and actually how can someone open the door in front of them and also living in this industry?

It is not necessary that only you have to be game with a professional skillset but also you could make out a proper amount of living just through uploading some interesting or even funny contents which you got through your experience and also the footage as shared through the live streaming or even video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. Just for instance think of any funny moment or lucky moment compilation video can be easily put together and also if you are in early humorous mood then all you need to do is just make a content that is well enough to attract the viewers and also quite funny so that they are going to enjoy it a lot and it can easily bring a lot of traffic over your total video footage and make you easily earn money through the platform itself and also by running various type of ADS over your videos. 

Is this a reliable income?

With a very shocking and upsetting factor to be discussed with you is that despite of having a lot of potential to even earn more than $300,000 every month through just professional live streaming or even just funny video game contents as a full time carrier for yourself, the chances only depend on your total consistency and the passion through which you are playing the games and this obviously is going to take a lot of time for you to have the proper dream success. Just for instance one of the most famous first-person shooter gamer in the professional market also known as shroud took more than three years to have at least the basic amount of earning for him to have his expenses paid off. Also there is a fact that shroud is one of the highest-paid gamers in the market of professional gaming but you can easily see that how much time it took him to just stand upon his own feet at the very basic level and after that achieving the proper success that he is enjoying now also took a lot of time in terms of years after years. Actually what relies on the total factor of is professional gaming a viable career or not is totally up to you and the quality of your content and skills along with the passion and consistency.

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