Is lab-grown meat vegan or not

Is lab-grown meat vegan? Definitely not as lab-grown meat contains animal cells. It is almost the animal flesh just that it was not killed while growing up. The argument that it is vegan because it does not require any type of human interference except the providing of a nutritious substance in which the cells can actually grow (similar to bacteria). The cell is taken from an actual animal and they are grown in the technology of stem cell development. It may be true that animal slaughter can be solved up to a significant amount of level with lab-grown meat. Towards the question that is lab-grown meat vegan or not, the answer would stay no because the meat contains animal cells and cannot be actually considered as 100% vegan.

Lab Grown Meat

History of Lab-Grown Meat

Technology has brought mankind towards many new civilizations and eras that actually redefined our total existence. And as per the technological boost of development on month of August 2013 Dutch scientist mark post presented the world’s face towards the first laboratory-grown burger as in a press conference where basically shared the party with two food critics and all the food is found the flavour not so much feeling the basic statement provided that the purpose of the exercise was to show that it can be actually done and the flavor could be improved later. Laboratory grown meat may sometimes seem an actual nightmare, as well as it is maybe also the proper solution towards animal rights and also environmental concerns of all those organizations that are trying to preserve our beloved world and also regarding the fact of the meeting. 

Inventor of Lab Meat

Various research that is currently an ongoing process that is developing lab-grown meat or so it is called the cultured meat has been going for quite some years now over the market. After the first lab-grown burger was developed by the scientists in 2013 and also several other types of existing lab-grown meat have been successfully introduced since that time as it is very much expected of a fact that the actual price of this type of mid will eventually go down on the budget list in the incoming years and that will also become more likely to be available at almost all the supermarkets for the same or even the lower prices as actual animal grew meat. And also there is a fact that the lab-grown version of meat is also quite similar towards the animal grown version as there is not really any rational reason for a person who actually loves eating meat would prefer animal grown meat over the lab-grown version and also lab-grown meat is slightly a misleading name as in the future it is more likely to be produced in a factory just like animal grown meat and also the only grown in laboratories while it is being developed. 

First of all, let's get towards some very necessary points of lab-grown meat

Firstly the thing comes to our mind is the health condition which is to be said that the biggest advantages of lab-grown meat are they are health-related. In a time where the public opinion is basically suggesting that many people believe lab-grown meat is actually healthy but this fact is actually not true and also it's might not be the case when compared with animal grown meat.  For example, the plant-based (vegetarian but not lab-grown) Impossible meat patty and Beyond Meat patty are actually more unhealthy than the meat itself due to the extra flavoring. 

Secondly, the main thing about the vegan factor

Vegan people are basically vegan for two basic reasons:

  •  They actually don’t like the meat or products from animals
  • They are against the brutality or the slaughtering animal

Basically, if anyone is more of a vegan person just because they are against the brutality or the slaughtering process of the animals that they can easily have lab-grown meat as their daily consumption diet chart because of the lab-grown meat. A metaphor is like taking a seed from a tree and then grow it in the proper environment and have the same properties. There is no need to cut the tree from one place and distribute it among the people.

Just like the metaphor of a tree is grown from the seed, the lab-grown meat is exactly almost the same because some amount of cells are taken from animal body from which the meat is to be cultured and then those cells are processed through stem cell technology and under the correct environment the self start to grow and those grown-up cells are then actually sold as lab-grown meat. 

But if a person is really vegan just because he doesn’t like meat then there is nothing that actually makes him or her conviction to have this type of artificial meat that is not actually taken from the animal body directly. 

Perpetuating animal use and suffering

Considering the fact that in near future immortal cell lines from cows or pigs and chickens could be easily developed and there is not going to be any need for new animals that would have to be killed in order to process such type of meat. The use of animals in order to develop new types of meat would still continue till that time and even today with the thousands of years of traditional animal agriculture process behind us that are relying the scientists are still trying to breed many new varieties of animal who are able to grow larger and faster and from which the meat has a certain health benefits or even who have the proper resistance towards many disease factors. Also as due to current research methodology, the entire research process that is currently undergoing execution plan into the laboratory-grown meat is also being utilizing the animals and it can not actually be called 100% cruelty-free and also the purchasing of such product would actually not stop totally replenish the animal from suffering.