How To Use AI To Create Content Using Frase

According to Statista, 84% of enterprises believe that investing in AI will drive them to greater competitive advantages. 

According to Forrester, US marketers spent in excess of $10 billion on content in 2016. 

How will AI be useful in creating content at this stage? I will share my usage of Frase AI to help in creating content end-to-end, starting from content audit, topic ideations, statistics gathering, keyword density, related questions, and the latest news.

FYI, this post is written inside Frase AI and contains an affiliate link to Frase and for a limited time, use the promo code "forever50" for 50% off for a limited time.

Firstly, My Opinion on AI in Content Creation

AI is an overly-hyped word to increase the price of a product or software. I think it should be the reverse and AI is used to reduce the price of a product or service or speed up the writing process.

An IDC survey cites that 85 percent of marketing professionals feel under pressure to create assets and deliver more campaigns, more quickly. (  

AI is expected to replace writers eventually given the potential in the OpenAI's GPT-3, I think an editor will still be required to vet the content and align the writing to the organization's intent.

Frase AI As A Content Creation Tool

I tried Frase when it was in beta and kinda loved it for saving me time to create a more comprehensive post. I am a reader but somehow don't like to open an article one by one to determine whether they are useful as some websites just repeat the same things and difficult to navigate. 

When I saw Frase had a lifetime deal in AppSumo, I bought it immediately because it is almost an end-to-end, all-in-one tool. The deal is over though but I will share Frase can help in your end-to-end content creation.

1. How to Use AI to Do Content Audit

If you ever look through Google Search Console data, the biggest problem is determining what to update. I had a Google Data Studio page to pull Google Search Console Data and give some formula to determine what page might be worth updating. 

Using Google Data Studio was difficult. Therefore, I only focused on updating content that is older than 1 year.

With Frase, it can pull your Google Search Console and determined content to optimize/update or create new content. I will use it to take note of those and update my content too,  besides content older than the 1-year old rule.

It is not perfect since 

  • some new pages are still ranking and just happened to drop some positions and impressions due to different locales. 
  • It also clusters keywords that aren't related at times 
  • It also recommends new content sometimes when I already got a page on that keyword

But Frase is useful since a content audit is always painful when you start to have too much content. Sometimes people do content audits only yearly or only when upgrading their page. I think Frase is a great mini content audit that you can check anytime.

2. How to Use AI to Improve Content Creation

After deciding what to improve or create, the next step is how to improve your content. It is not automatic which I think will be worth millions if some AI can write anything and ranked #1 on Google. 

3. Do Search Intent of Results

This is a beta feature that Frase AI helped in steering the direction of your post. For example, this post should be a Visual How-To, maybe long-form with over 1,500 words. 

4. Determine Your Word Count

Together with intents, the average word count is very useful to decide whether you should write longer or shorter. Sometimes, I got searches that only had 680+ words to my surprise and not surprisingly, most searchers have over 1,000 words.

5. Do Competitive Research with Clustered Topics

Frase AI highlights related topics of each article and also an outline of their content. It is very useful for you to read and understand the key points. 

This is like mini keyword research within your search. 

6. Do Competitive Research with TF-IDF

Frase does TF-IDF of your competitor's results. 

TF-IDF in layman terms is used in first-generation search engines (and still used as a factor) to find relevant content by giving different weightage to keyword-based on both frequencies in document and appearances in other documents.

  1. The more frequent a word appears in your document, the more weightage it is.
  2. The more often a word appears in all documents, the less weightage it is.

I think (1) is kinda outdated as people used to do keyword stuffing intentionally to get ranked. For (2), it should be very useful to expand on words used in your competitors as idea generation.

7. Finding Statistics For Your Post

Having numbers in your post will encourage reading and show some research. For example, I got over 10+ statistics for this search but I only picked those related to content creation. Some are irrelevant like Instagram or about enterprise business data.

8. Finding News For Updating Your Post

It is not useful to just copy what others wrote and there is a need to find more information. That is where the news section is useful too. It will share related posts and you can have a quick read. 

This is also extremely useful if you want to do a round-up post weekly as it can summarize them.

For example, I can find information about GPT-3 with fake generated news and highlighting bad judgments.

The media used the AI-generated blog's popularity on tech-focused Hacker News forum as a measure that GPT-3 had managed to fool readers that a human had written the posts.  
The first post, titled, “Feeling unproductive? Maybe you should stop overthinking” reached the number one spot on Hacker News with nearly 200 upvotes and more than 70 comments. In one week, the blog reached 26,000 views and acquired 60 subscribers. According to Porr, very few people had pointed out that the blog might have been written by AI.  
According to Porr, the blog received 26,000 views and 60 subscribers in one week. (

9. Export to WordPress

Currently, I had to copy and paste my post into Shopify and upload the photos manually. There is an export feature for WordPress users which I think will be super useful though I cannot comment.

What Frase AI Will Improve

One problem is AI keeps improving and buying software that is outdated. Frase AI seems to be updated to integrate with new features. It mentioned it will integrate GPT-3 into its app though, I am not sure in what way. 

I am confident in the team's technical ability as they already had a working product that processing unstructured text data. Making sense is a really hard problem from my perspective as a computer engineer and I think they are doing it.


I hope you can see how Frase AI might be the future of content curation or creation. 

Frase AI creates more useful features rather than a generic GPT-3 that create fake news. 

Do use my affiliate link to give it try and decide whether it can integrate with your current content creation workflow Remember to use the code "forever50" for 50% off for a limited time.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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