How to Arrange Indoor Plants - Unexpectedly Simple Guide

If you want to enjoy the freshness of indoor plants and not sure about the arrangements then this article is for you.

Indoor plants can improve the ambiance of your home. They add a touch of freshness to indoor living. However, it can be challenging to select the arrangements of indoor plants as indoor plants don’t have a standard space and design requirements. 

Indoor Plant Arrangement

All the plants don’t grow in the same pattern. Some indoor plants require continuous care, and some can survive long spells of drought. Some indoor plants are ideal for smaller spaces, and some are good for the open living room. Most of the plants are ideal to be placed in the dark corners and some require continuous bright light. So, in this article, you will find out ways to arrange indoor plants.

Tips to Arrange Indoor Plants

Follow the below-given tips to utilize space in the best possible way. 

  • Choose open space for large plants
  • Some indoor plants such as Philodendrons and Ficus lyrata, are large and require more space. So, these plants should be placed in open living areas. When such plants are placed in a small room, they took too much space. For smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or study rooms, use small potted indoor plants.  

    Philodendrons Big Plant

  • Choose Supplementing Colors
  • You can’t ignore the color of indoor plants. So, while purchasing and arranging plants, be wise. Make sure that the colors of indoor plants supplement the color scheme of interior design. When you want your home look bold and bright, and then opt for contrasting colors. Pro Tip: An alternative is to use brightly color pots if your plants are all green.

    indoor plants supplementary color

  • Make groups of supplementing plants
  • All the indoor plants have different forms, attractive colors, and varying textures. So to get a dramatic effect, arrange them in groups. Indoor plants that have similar looks lose their beauty when placed in a group. So try different combinations to get most out of your indoor plants. 

  • Use indoor plants to create depth
  • It is not suitable to line indoor plants, so try to place them in such a manner that smaller plants are in front and taller plants are in the background. For creating varying heights and more depth, use stands, tables, and windowsills. 

    Supplementing plants with decoration

  • Use accent plants
  • If you have only one large plant, you can still make it a center of attention. You can use palm, yucca, and ficus as accent plants. Use a nice pot and place them in a most prominent place at home. 

  • Add unusual forms
  • Some indoor plants such as bonsai and succulent come in different forms. You can get the benefit of their unusual formation. The best way to do this is to place them strategically. 

    succulent plants arrangement

  • Fill Your Space
  • If you have a well-furnished home, you can still get the majestic benefits by placing indoor plants. If there is vacant space in your rooms, fill it with indoor plants. It will add to the beauty of your home. 

  • Think Big
  • The largest blank spots found are often the corners. So bring an indoor tree and place it in a corner to fill the space. Always keep the plant in the original pot, and for more decoration, choose a container. You need to have a basket or substantial pot for large indoor trees. Substantial pot can help to keep indoor plants stable. To protect floors, use a plastic saucer inside the pot. 

  • Make use of a cluster for a good impact
  • A large indoor plant can be costly. So the best way to do is to build a cluster of small plants and gain a good impact. Choose one taller plant and two small-sized plants and arrange them in a bright to low light to get a good look.

    For a simple and good look use smaller sized decorative pots. Most of the time, pots are sold in pairs, and for a stunning look, add a third pot to create a cluster. You can choose containers of the same colors and materials or a mix of both to get different styles. 

  • Plant Stands
  • Plants stand come in different styles and can be used for different purposes. If you have a window in your room that you feel is not perfect, then buy a tall plant stand. While choosing plants, keep the shelf height of stand in mind. To protect surfaces or floors, don’t forget to place a plastic saucer under each stand. 

    Plant Stands

  • Turn Indoor planting into an art
  • If you have a wall begging for something extraordinary, then consider an architectural stand for plants. Such a stand can add to the overall beauty of your room. In this stand, you can place a variety of indoor plants. While choosing plants, remember the factor of light that plants require.

  • Hanging Around
  • You might have lots of places in your homes where this idea can work best. Place a large plant that consists of few smaller ones in the window, and it will act as a buffer between the outside world and you. It is ideal to do when you don’t love the outside view. In an empty corner, hang a basket that contains indoor plants. 

    Plant Hanging

  • Use collection of plants
  • Place indoor plants on a coffee table. You can place a single plant or a mixture of few. Arrange plants in beautifully patterned leaves. Keep the size of the pot according to the table’s size. For creating a tiered plant stand, use stacked books. 

  • Surprise
  • What does it mean? How can indoor plants be surprising? Have fun with indoor plants and place them into an unexpected spot, and display them differently. Some indoor plants offer you the opportunity to place them in unusual places. The ceramic holder can be used on bathroom vanity. You can place an air plant on the refrigerator door for fun. Use air-purifying plants to clean cancer-causing toxins. These plants are easy to buy. 


    All the above-given tips can help you to decorate your home with indoor plants. Just look for the available space at home and then buy indoor plants accordingly. These indoor plants can add to the beauty of your home. 

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