Freelance Writing Job Boards For Beginners

If you are an inexperienced beginner writer, stay positive and accept rejections.

The biggest downside is just being rejected. Even Jack Ma was rejected from KFC, the only one out of 24 applied before he became one of the most successful businessmen.

Below is a listing of all freelance online writing job boards I can find.

Popular sites to job hunt for niche writing jobs
  • iWriter
  • Upwork
  • BloggingPro job board
  • Journalism
  • Guru
  • ProBlogger has a job board
  • SimplyHired
  • Constant Content
  • Textbroker
  • Craigslist
  • Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Genuine Jobs
  • Online Writing Jobs
  • RedGage
  • Writer Access
  • Contena
  • Ed2010
  • Sologig
  • Krop
  • CisionJobs  

Popular sites to job hunt for remote  jobs (including writing jobs and other jobs)

As a beginner freelance writer, I think you should follow some guidelines

1. Applying for Writing Work in Jobs Board and Freelance Marketplace

I feel you should try applying for the available writing jobs, even if you are under-experienced, as writing is something that experiences might not matters if you know writing.

My above listing of freelance job boards with writing jobs should have plenty of blogging jobs to let you apply, including remote work. 

Do bookmark if you need time to apply them.

2. Build Your Writing Portfolio In Contests or Guest Post

Everyone starts from a newbie and build up your writing sample and online portfolio to showcase when requested. 

In the freelance world, there are limited quality jobs so you got to keep looking for better writing opportunities in a junk-free job board. You can also try writing contests or guest posts on a regular basis to get some credibility for your future employer.

Have a personal byline and request linking guest author byline to your personal blog to build up your own blog too, especially if you want to get full-time writing jobs.

3. Build Up Digital Marketing Skills

Try to diversity into social media marketing, like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram to offer a complete suite of content marketing skills to your potential clients and serious employers. 

Understand the value of content writing business is to market and promote so social media skills are very useful to a company looking to get more views in digital media. Your addition skills might help them sieve and filter the results of potential employees easier.

Copywriting and content writing is an art you can hone while on the job with feedback and data.

4. Set Your Expectations

The downside of freelance writing is the hourly rates and an insecure income stream. The vast majority of freelance writers do not get medical benefits and leaves. In exchange, you get the freedom to negotiate your own rates or stop writing at any time. This is useful if you have bargaining power and reputable.

Meanwhile, professional writers or working in a writing agency might give you a secured income while you cannot choose your job usually, writing in niches you are not comfortable with. 

Understand which one you prefer and decide what you give extra effort to become the freelance copywriter you liked in your freelance life.


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