Free Apps For Learning To Draw On iPad

Could you draw us something beautiful? 

Millions of adults around the world would break into a cold sweat if asked this question.

They would deny having any artistic talent, make excuses, and do whatever it took to avoid being on the spot with a pencil in their hand.

What if I told you that you are not too old to learn to draw!

Anyone can be an artist, thanks to the super-tool of free Drawing Apps on an iPad.

Learning to Draw on an iPad? Drawing and painting involve 99 percent replicating what you look and see. With an iPad app, learning to draw for a beginner is easy. The iPad apps provide guides and you can learn shadow drawing, add special effects, the ability to create vectors or raster images, and even 3D models. 

There are thousands of apps available to teach you how to draw even without an iPad Pro or the Apple Pencil for an art student. An Apple Pencil is an expensive investment for an expert artist with its smooth and cylindrical shape.

These are my favorite apps to learn how to draw digitally.

1. Learn To Draw by Walter Foster

Walter Foster art books is one of the most recognized in art instruction. Artists of varying age and skill levels have been using his art instruction for almost a century, and the Walter Foster iPad app is the latest addition for the technological generation.

Within the free version, the app comes standard with four drawing lessons to get you started before you make any purchases. There are three types of pens: pencil, shadow, and outline. There is step-by-step instruction to teach you different techniques. It is worth a visit even if you do not wish to purchase.

My Outcome from Learning to Draw on iPad

Currently, Learn To Draw is by far my favorite app to learn how to draw! Here are some screenshots of the drawings that I have learned.

The app not only teaches you how to draw objects, but it also teaches you how to shade and proportion sizing of objects. Usually, the guide comes in six steps with a voiceover on the use of different pencils and stroke patterns.

2. ShadowDraw: Learn How to Draw

ShadowDraw teaches you how to draw by mimicking styles and strokes of famous artists. This is the most notable feature - provide a sketch-by-sketch process and not merely tracing lines or patterns. Each drawing will include information on the right strokes to mimic the original artwork. The process continues until your work resembles the original artist's work. 

You can also record the drawing process in a video or GIF. While the app is convenient, the downside is the limitations of the free version.

Drawing can be simple too. The following apps allow you to bring out the kid in you and learn broad steps!

3. How to Draw Animals

Draw Animals is an app that teaches you how to draw cartoon animals step by step. The bright and colorful app is a fun activity to teach you how to draw. It includes an extensive collection of drawings classified by level of difficulty. You can draw a picture in 6 to 8 steps starting from a basic circle and ending with a real drawing. Most importantly, the lessons would help you understand the logic of the drawings.

4. Let’s Learn How to Draw

Let's Learn How to Draw! This app contains lessons for learning to draw dinosaurs, dogs, trains, and monsters, anything you can imagine. Each category includes five courses ranging from easy to hard. The model will be drawn for you, and the section you have to draw is revealed with a red line. 

The app enables the user to color in the picture and a scratchpad for independent drawing and is a great way to gain spatial awareness and visualization for your drawing.

5. How to Draw – Simple Lessons

In How to Draw – Simple Lessons, there are sketching, inking, and coloring steps. In one mode, you can trace right over the top of each step and color in at the end. While in the other mode, the app is excellent as it allows you to take some therapeutic time for coloring.


Similar to learning how to write, drawing takes time and practice as well. Do not give up☺ 

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Author: Valerie Neui
Writing as a creative outlet but probably back at getting lost in the world of books.
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