Flowering Plants Suitable For Singapore

Gardening is a good hobby in sunny Singapore. However, some people like to have indoor flowering plants for easier maintenance. When flowers start to appear on the leaves, it provides a pleasant experience, unlike the usual terrarium or cactus.

Now, the question is what are the best indoor flowering plants? Look at the below-given flowering plants to add more fragrance and colors to your indoor garden. 

18 Best Indoor Flowering Plants

There are lots of indoor flowering plants that you try. Have a look at these best indoor flowering plants. 

  • Begonia 
  • Although these plants are known as outdoor plants, there are some plants from the begonia genus that produce great indoor flowering plants. Most of these plants are easy to grow. These flowering plants are ideal for beginners. The most popular indoor plants are Angel-Wing Begonia and Wax Begonia. 


  • Bromeliads 
  • These plants are well-known for their long-lasting flowers and colorful foliage. Bromeliads can add to the beauty of your home. These plants are easy to grow, and a good thing is they don’t require much care. You can easily grow them even in low light conditions. 

    Bromeliads Indoor

  • African Violet
  • These indoor flowering plants are easy to grow. Such plants can be grown for beautiful foliage and flowers. These plants grow well in a warm climate than cold. Place these plants at such a place where they can receive filtered sunlight. They don’t require your too much effort and bloom several times a year. African violets come in different varieties. 

    African Violet Indoor

  • Scented Geranium 
  • This plant contains colorful flowers that make it an incredible indoor flowering plant. However, growing this plant is not as easy as the other plants on the list. It requires moderate watering and ample sunlight. 

  • Poinsettia
  • If you have decided to grow poinsettia in your home, one thing is for sure that it will brighten your home’s interior. It has multicolor bracts that are more colorful than its flowers. These amazing plants require warmth, light, and protection from drafts. This plant is easy to grow and maintain. 


  • Peace Lily 
  • If you want to grow indoor flowering plants, but you don’t have time for their care, then try peace lily. A good thing about this amazing plant is it can live for days without water. Its flowers and bracts flourish even in low lightening conditions. It has an added benefit as well; it removes toxin substances from air that makes it a more special indoor flowering plant. However, if you have visitors who are allergic to pollen, this would be a very bad choice.

    Peace Lily

  • Jasmine
  • Some people felt it is impossible to grow jasmine plants in indoor conditions. It is not the case; you can grow jasmine if it is placed in such a position where it can get direct sunlight for a few hours. It comes in different varieties, so the selection of variety depends on the climate you are living in. Except for polyanthum and Jasminum which requires cooler temperature, most of the jasmine species grow better in the warmer regions. 


  • Lipstick Plant
  • Although it is not grown frequently, you can still try it as an indoor flowering plant. For proper growth and thrive, it requires humid and warm conditions. 

  • Impatiens
  • These are shade-loving plants, and you can grow them in optimum conditions. If you want these plants to grow and thrive, you will have to maintain very cool room temperature. Place the pot of plant in a place where it can get indirect but bright sunlight. For good results, if you can provide direct sunlight in the morning, it would be plus point. 

  • Oxalis
  • This amazing plant can add to the beauty of your homes with his pink flowers and showy purple foliage. For abundant blooms, you will have to place it at a bright spot. For better results, allow the soil to dry out between the spells of water. 

  • Flowering Kalanchoe
  • It can be easily grown in indoor conditions because it is a tropical succulent. It requires minimal watering and comes in a variety of colors. Place it near a window, where it can get a few hours of sunlight to bloom. 

    Flowering Kalanchoe

  • Cape Primrose
  • Cape primrose is the relative of African violet. It will continuously bloom if it gets bright indirect sun and lightly moist soil. It comes in different hybrid varieties with bigger flowers, more compact foliage, and longer blooming time. 

    Cape Primrose

  • Crown of Thorns
  • Due to its low maintenance and exceptional flowers, it is the most exceptional indoor flowering plant. It should be placed near a sunny window, and it will happily grow ever after. 

  • Christmas Cactus
  • Although it is old-fashioned, it is an amazing indoor flowering plant. It creates a warm atmosphere when it blooms. It has different flower colors, such as Red, Orange, White, and Pink. So, these different colors can brighten the interior of your homes. If they have maintained well, it can bloom for years. 

  • Black-Eyed Susan Vine
  • It is another best indoor plant. If it gets a suitable climate, it can add to the beauty of your rooms. It should be placed near a window so that it can get plenty of sunlight. These plants are easy to grow and maintain. 

  • Orchids
  • Orchids are a bit different from other indoor flowering plants. Orchids do not grow in regular soil. If you are putting it in a regular soil or pot, it means you are killing it. They require lots of care though as it is easy to wither or hard to flower. It is the national flower of Singapore so it must be onOrchid Indoor the list!


  • Purple Heart Plant
  • A cluster of purple leaves makes it an amazing indoor plant. You can grow this beautiful plant in a small colorful pot. You can use a small basket for a table accent. For good results, place your Purple Heart plant in such a place where it can get a couple of hours direct sunlight. 

  • Brazilian Fireworks
  • It can bring lots of excitement to your home. It requires immense heat conditions, so it is good for summer. This plant can be an exciting addition to your home décor. Purple and pink color combinations can provide a stunning look. It should be placed in indirect light. 

    So, these are the best indoor flowering plants that can be used for interior decoration.

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