Flippa Alternatives I Have Checked Out

As of 2015, Flippa has dealt over $140 million of domains, websites, web and mobile apps. Almost half of the revenue of Flippa is acquired from selling websites, albeit the sales of domain names comprise approximately 30% of the transactions. 

My problem with Flippa is I cannot find established websites with evergreen content for sales there at reasonable prices. 

  • Many websites have dubious backlinks to rank (Why would there be an aged domain that gives a keyword-rich link to a relatively new website?) 
  • Or new sites charging over 40x income multiplier on the assumption it can grow easily. Maybe it can but I am not going to try starting from scratch again as I want to buy time as I already got plenty of such sites.

Therefore I seek Flippa alternatives and hope it will expand the horizons. 

Googling for Blogs

I have been trying this method for another business idea and realized it is really hard to find reliable contact information in many of such sites. Nevertheless, I will keep combing and contacting people and can consider buying them out if they are tired of their websites (after I helped them in my other idea).


I tried GoDaddy when I started looking for expired domains with buy now. I managed to sell one domain there too for profit but was unable to cash out as there is a minimum payout limit. There is an annual membership and I didn't renew too. 

The seller seems to speak English but end up the domain was parked in Chinese. 

This is probably a good place to buy cheap domain too but no content sites which I want to learn and build.


Like GoDaddy, Sedo is pretty much the biggest marketplace in domain names too. It is a good idea if you got time to hold on to domains and wait for a willing buyer as there are fewer risks on investing in building content websites only to be beaten by better competition or technology changes. 

In its highest quarter for domain sales since 2008, Sedo sold close to 12,000 domain names via its online marketplace in Q1 2010, accounting for more than $23 million in transactions.

Empire Flippers

I got an account and loved to try them when I can have spare cash or wish to sell my 1st $100k website (probably when I earn $3k/month in one of my sites at 33x multiplier). I prepare to invest than risk $100k and above on a website. I will go there more often if I have that much capital. 

They've gone to some lengths to provide more information for their buyers and even shared how they got cheated too.


Only learned about this site when Googling for Flippa alternative. Their price ranges seem even higher than Empire Flippers. Probably good for fund managers or family house office to buy with lots of capital. 


I found this from a website investor newsletter. They sell the expired domain at a fixed price which they repurposed to keep the link juice. There is some useful backlinks analysis to tell you the language and recommended content for the new owner. 

There are also packages to buy content for affiliate marketing. I don't think it isn't cheap but it will say a new owner's valuable time. 

Given my experience of buying an AliDropship package for a drone website and getting only 1 sale throughout and knowing how hard it is to predict site success, I think I won't let others sell me new content. 

FE International

FE International provides merger-and-acquisitions advisory services for SaaS, eCommerce, and content businesses. It specializes in business sales from roughly $50,000 to $5,000,000, completing over $500 million in acquisitions and over 800 transactions. 

FE International helps entrepreneurs progress through the milestones required to complete a successful transaction from exit planning to valuation analysis, strategic negotiations, due diligence, acquisition accounting, legal structuring, post-sale considerations, and more. Price: Buyers are charged the higher of 2.5 percent or $1,000. 


One of the websites I found while searching through blogs online. The owner owns a blog and sells websites too. Easy to search through the interface but the multiples were not to my liking. I will continue to monitor though as the websites look cleaner.


I checked and won't consider eBay as a viable alternative to Flippa but they had a section on Websites for Sales. The section is spammed by courses, mailing lists, and other probably shady businesses.

As eBay is the world's largest online marketplace, I was hoping to find something better. It is terrible and not worth your time


I just checked this site and find the ideas interesting but not viable. There are even websites on Yoni Pearl or Goldfish. Just fun to run through but I don't think there are many reasons someone will sell here instead of Flippa unless their sites got issues or they want an even much higher price.


I found the forum site listings and there wasn't much too. I did saw one I was interested in but no response from the seller. Again, I think people would rather go Flippa to sell than here unless it is a cheap domain.


As a programmer, I kinda liked the indie movement and think I could buy these and rebuild it when I got a team of programmers. However, I think it is cheaper to outsourced programming and I personally know how buggy or messy coding can be.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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