EasyStore Honest Review -Why I Never Used It

This page contains affiliate links, but the price is the same for you with or without the links. I will give my honest review about EasyStore and why I didn't use it in the end.

If you are a newbie to online business, I suggest you try Shopee or Lazada instead. Getting cheap traffic is easier with its keyword ads. In Singapore, it costs only $0.05/click which is ridiculously low compared to Adwords or Facebook ads. Most importantly, you are getting customers who have buying intent already. The only cons of Shopee and Lazada are the transaction and listing fee and hard to customize or differentiate as a brand.

Creating an online store is only needed if you got a brand or other business to support the cashflow.  Anyway back to my EasyStore story.

In summary, it was a great experience but was unable to meet my requirement in my new idea to sell digital services without needing my customer to key in their address during checkout.

Why I looked at EasyStore

For information, my sites are using Shopify currently.

Summary why I used Shopify instead of WooCommerce 

I started with dropshipping and didn't want the trouble so I used Alidropship. It was a pleasant experience but I couldn't spend my time on what was required. I spend my time and focus on useless things: 

  • the backup your Wordpress to ensure things are safe,
  • upgrade Wordpress and its plugins frequently which might break your site,
  • configure and fix website again

Seriously, I tried a year and luckily my sale was so bad I decided to stop. Therefore, I tried Shopify and never looked back since.

Why Not Shopify

I am satisfied with Shopify but had an issue with my new idea that is selling a digital service. It is to do a Cameo website that allows celebrities to get paid selling shout out or saying personalized messages (e.g. happy birthday).

The checkout page of Shopify is a bumper and cannot be edited to remove the need for address or enter other details. The experience will be unaccepted and I found out the address is mandated by Shopify due to PCI requirement to detect fraud (it is important as my AliDropship site have tons of fraud and probably stolen credit card transactions which I chose not to process too).

In Came EasyStore with Free 14-Days Trial Without Credit Card

Anyway as an entrepreneur, I tried to find solutions. I knew about EasyStore a few months ago as I was ordering food from a local company https://jinhuangyuan.easy.co/

The website was user friendly and has an order form too. At that time, I explored a bit then as it was a snappy fast website and seeing the subdomain, I was curious about it (easy.co). I found the EasyStore but didn't see any point to migrate over.

Now, I recalled EasyStore with my problem with my new business idea, I tried the free 14-days trial without credit card which is incredibly similar to Shopify (though they gave 90 days during this period). So I decided to try it out.

I spent a few hours with EasyStore, which sounds short but that is because it is almost a clone of Shopify. I already understood the menus as I am a Shopify user.

EasyStore Also Cannot Remove Address!

After trying a while, I didn't realize EasyStore has the same problem as Shopify. EasyStore cannot remove the address from the checkout page.

If anyone knows how to sell digital service without needing my buyer to enter their address while having an easy to use interface, please let me know via my contact page.

Anyway, I didn't want to end my story as I had done more research about EasyStore. I think EasyStore might work for you if

  • you want to build your brand and/or tried Shopee Lazada already,
  • don't like Wordpress / WooCommerce or don't have a technical person,
  • sells physical products in Asia.

Who Uses EasyStore - List of Websites Running on EasyStore and SiteGiant

I did some search on who uses EasyStore. It was harder than Shopify which you can just find Shopify store since they own the hosts using https://myip.ms/view/ip_owners/376714/Shopify_Inc.html

EasyStore ran on Amazon Cloud which is harder to find so I tried looking at its backlinks. I also looked at SiteGiant which some recommends but I didn't try out.

Anyway below are the stores known to run on them. I don't know any of them except for SecretReceipe (again food). You can try to see the store designs if you liked.

I think some don't look dated but some are ok. It is customizable like Shopify so I think it is up to the site owner. 


https://byeggs.com https://www.bonfisken.com/




Overall, nothing like Shopify but they are quite young and maybe one of these sites will make it big in a few years and make either of them famous.

Most big brands probably still run on their customized websites and such website builders are for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why Not Shopify

One question now might be, why not use Shopify then? There are some important features for EasyStore.

  • There are no transaction fees. If you see Shopify, they will charge a 0.5% to 2% to your transaction unless it uses Shopify Payment which is rare. The amount sounds small but it will eat into your profit. 
  • Many Asian payment processors like GrabPay and order form. These are a nice built-in feature of EasyStore that suits Asia sellers especially if you sell a large variety of food. I even saw GrabPay and FavePay which is growing in Asia.
  • Syncs with Lazada. I didn't try this out but having this is useful if you started in Lazada and needed help managing the inventory. It is another nasty inventory problem to deal with as an entrepreneur to ensure stocks are reflected correctly (unless you dropships)

However, I don't think EasyStore can sustain its website without doing that or raising its monthly/yearly fees which came to my next point.

Why Not EasyStore

Besides my problem with digital goods that exist in both Shopify and EasyStore, there are some other issues

  • Predictable Price changes. I heard that EasyStore had jacked up their prices once. I don't know the old rates but I read it had increased once. I  predict current prices are unsustainable and price increases will come again either by increasing the subscription cost or introduce transaction fees.
  • Hard to Migrate Out without impacting Traffic. The problem with website builders like Shopify, EasyStore, Wix, or Squarespace is that you cannot migrate to another host easily unlike Wordpress websites.  Therefore, make sure you got a profitable business so you don't have to migrate out because of the cost.

I saw people say poor support but I am doubtful (maybe a competitor or just unlucky customer. Why? See the number of great reviews in Google (300+ is harder to fake compared to a handful of comments) and they will respond to you if you are unhappy in Google Reviews.


I won't go through the features or pricing and nitty-gritty because those would change over time and the most important thing is... TRY IT FOR YOURSELF

If you are still on Wordpress or WooCommerce or have a business already, try and be amazed like how I did.

The pain of maintaining a Wordpress site is remarkable and you won't realize how much precious time you spent until you switched out.

The 14-days free trial without a credit card makes trying really easy. You can just stop at any time when you don't like it. 


Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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