Changing Your Life through Positive Thinking

If you want to achieve big, yes, you can achieve big with positive thinking and continuous struggle. Think about the magnificent achievements that people have made throughout their lives.

Think about Telephone, Electric Bell, Airplanes and lots of things like that. All these people have to work hard and have faith in themselves. The Wright brothers have got many rejection letters, but they didn’t give up. Jack Ma of Alibaba also failed to get a job at KFC.

What can be the impacts of positive thinking?

It can’t change your past but definitely can brighten your future. So, in this article, you will find out how you can change your life through positive thinking? 

Accept the Past

Tips to Change Quality Of Life through Positive Thinking

Have a look at these tips that can help you to change your quality of life through positive thinking. 

  • Accept those things that we can’t change
  • Most people like to repent on their past for lost opportunities, failed marriages, and disappointments, etc. These lost opportunities took us to the past, and we start thinking negatively.


    We can only repent on our past, but we can’t change it. What we can do is, think positively and improve our future. Perform a simple exercise, take a paper, write down your failures or missed opportunities, and then permanently remove them from your minds. On the other side of the paper, set your future goals. So, accept those things that you can’t change and move forward. Life is too short, so don’t waste it on thinking about failures. 

  • Stop Blaming 
  • Some people like to blame others or other factors for their failures. Some people make excuses like “I can’t write a book because I am busy.” Some would say, “I can’t start a business because the economy is not good these days.” It’s the nature of humans to make excuses.

    No failure

    Wright brothers would have blamed discouragement for their failure. There are lots of examples like that. But what have they done? They keep on pushing until they got what they were looking for. So stop blaming external factors for your woes. Think big, think positive and have big. That’s all. 

  • Power of Determination
  • Never underestimate the power of determination. You can achieve anything and everything in life if you have determination. You might be familiar with the book “Think and Grow Rich” has focused on the importance of determination. There is a famous quote for you to follow that is, “If you really want it, you will get it.” The main reason behind not pushing towards your goal is a lack of determination. When you start pushing yourself, you can get it. 

  • Avoid Sitting With Negative Thinkers
  • The most common mistake that most of us make is spending time with negative thinkers. We have lots of friends in our circle, who failed to achieve their goals and have bad stories. A divorced woman can tell you that men are not good. So, stop sitting and spending time with negative thinkers.

    It is better to find mentors and those people who have changed their lives. It will give you motivation and determination.

    Why are mentors important? You want to be inspired by someone, and mentors are the personalities who have achieved those things that you are planning to achieve. To keep yourself away from negative thoughts, start reading about Leonardo Di Vinci and Benjamin Franklin. 

  • Stop Dwelling
  • Another common mistake that most of us make is dwelling on the bad side of life. Whenever people read the news, they become afraid of it and start thinking that something bad is going to happen with them. Nowadays, social media or print media don’t have any good news to offer. We shouldn’t spend most of our time thinking about the bad side of our life. It is a fact that with every bad thing, something good is also happening. 

  • Shun Fear
  • Fear can kill lots of your dreams. Fear of failure and the future can kill your dreams and goals. Because of immense fear, lots of people have set limitations. Some people start writing a book, but then start wondering that I can’t be as good as this author is.

    Elon Musk

    Keep one thing in your mind that top achievers are also human beings. If they can do, then why you can’t? So, get rid of fear. Start thinking positively and you can achieve everything that you want to achieve. 

  • Take Timely Actions
  • If you are a positive thinker, but not take timely actions, then you can’t do anything. You are thinking big and have solid plans and goals, but you are not doing any action, it means you are daydreaming. It is negative thinking. Keep one thing in mind; always follow positive thinking with timely actions. If you want to write a book or novels, then start writing the first chapter. If you need the help of authorities, go to them and seek help. If you are not happy with your marriage, go and fix problems right now. You want to start a business, stop worrying about the economy, and start it right now. You can’t achieve anything if you are not taking action. Timely actions are much needed, along with positive thinking. 

  • Learn to be Thankful
  • Another way of thinking positively is to be thankful for what you have. Take a pen or pencil and start writing. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t find reasons for being thankful. There are plenty of things happening around in your daily life. Start thinking from smaller things and then move towards big things and be grateful for those. 

  • Healthy Life has Healthy Thoughts
  • A healthy life has some relation to positive thoughts. A healthy balanced diet, along with physical exercise, can refuel your body. Both these things can make you ready for the challenges ahead. Your mindset can change your life. So think positively and achieve goods in your life. 

    You can’t deny the power of positive thinking. Your mind can change your world. So keep it positive and focused. You can achieve everything. 

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