Changing Your Life through God

One of the most challenging tasks for a human being is to bring change. It is not true that people don’t want to change.

Just look around and observe how many people are satisfied with their lives? How many people want to improve their jobs, weight, and lives? Moreover, look around how many people want to bring substantial changes in their lives? One way to bring true and positive change is by changing your life through God. 


What is Grace?

It is the quality of God that not to deal with us according to our sins. In other words, it is God’s faithfulness to us, even though we are not faithful. God’s love is for everyone, irrespective of gender and color. What we get from God is unmerited favor. God is always willing to fulfill our needs and ignoring our deeds. God’s grace is only for those who have trust in Him. How can you earn this grace? You can’t earn it. Be in a relationship with God, and you will receive His grace. 


When we do wrong things, such as poor decisions, behaviors that we are ashamed of, areas we want to change, we look for God’s grace. It is the love and grace of God that changes our lives. In each human being, there is a good and bad part inside. When we are doing well, we want the world to see that part. We want to hide those things that we are ashamed of. We are always looking for self-improvement. We spend lots of time and energy to analyze ourselves and see how to improve that bad part? We try different things and the part we couldn’t improve, and we try to hide it. 

Hiding in Shame

When you are in such a situation where you want to hide because of your deeds, and you ask your friends that please don’t tell this anyone. But when we are in relation to God, we feel that He is like us, and we want to hide our bad part from Him. However, when we want to hide the bad part, we can lose touch with God and ourselves. God is different from us, and His ways are not like us. God sees us as a whole person and doesn’t accept our good part and reject our bad part. God doesn’t see us as a split personality. You can’t change your bad part without the help of God. It doesn’t matter how much effort you make to improve yourself, but you can’t be perfect. 

How can we experience God’s grace?

We can’t understand God’s grace without understanding the law. We see His commands, how he wants us to live, God’s perfect law, and we don’t want to measure up. God reveals our sins and shortcomings to us so that we can bring them to God, and God can help us with His grace. No creature in the world is hidden from His sight. So build your connections with God, and He will accept you as a whole person, and with His grace and mercy, your life will be changed. 

Three Things that Can Help You to Start Changing Your Lives

God has given us directions to follow so that we can change our lives. 

  • Watch where you are going?
  • The first thing you have to do for a meaningful change is to walk circumspectly. Make sure that you are not walking aimlessly, and you have a purpose. Make sure that we are living with precise and calculated movements. Have you ever tried to walk in the dark?

    Happy Quote

    It’s not easy, and there are dangers and pitfalls when we are not sure where we are going. Similarly, we are living in a dark world and we can’t walk aimlessly. We have to stay focused on what we are doing. So, stop walking in the dark and seek God’s help. 

  • How to walk as children of light?
  • When we have purpose and direction in our lives, and then make sure that God’s purpose and direction become our purpose and direction. In other words, when we want to change our lives according to His instructions, and we agree to surrender, be careful during each step.


    If you are serious about change, then make God as a center of the process. Just have believed in God and start doing what He wants you to do. 

  • Spend Your Time Wisely
  • It is another essential requirement for bringing important changes in life. We are living in an evil world, so we have to turn on the terrible news and things that are going around. So, we have to make changes to live a good life. Don’t wait for the time to come because we can’t afford to wait. Make wise use of time and opportunity. We have to give up those activities that are useless and spend time on worthwhile and long-lasting goals. 

    Time spending

    God wants to use our time in the best manner. It is said that you can waste time, but you can’t bring the time back. So, spend your time in good deeds and spend it wisely. We spend our time in normal activities such as we go to school, job, home activities, what else? 

    Do you ever think that now it’s time to follow and obey God fully? Don’t live a normal life and spend time to pay honor to God. God tests us by giving us opportunities, and He wants us to grab those opportunities. The only way to change your lives is to follow God’s way. Use your time wisely and make it profitable. 


    Almost every one of us wants to change our lives. We make efforts and work hard, but we can’t do it. So, one thing is for sure you can’t do anything without God’s help. So, build your connections with God. God tests us with different exams; try to be thankful in each situation. Use your time wisely and seek the help of God to change your life. 

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