9 Benefits of Learning Photoshop

According to various studies, adding a color visual to a piece of content increases people's willingness to read by 80%. (publish.illinois.edu) 

Photoshop is definitely the first tool that came to mind for graphic design.

9 Reasons that Photoshop Is a Software Worth Learning

  1. Photoshop Is The Most Popular Graphic Design Software Application
  2. Photoshop Can Be Used for Social Media Design
  3. It Can Be Used For Web Design
  4. You Can Use It For Photo Editing
  5. There are Free Tutorials on Photoshop
  6. There Are Advanced Courses To Master It
  7. PhotoShop Is Learned Skills
  8. You Can Use It For Product Photography
  9. You Become A Savvy Individual

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Photoshop Is The Most Popular Graphic Design Software Application

Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll brothers and grew to be the most popular software program for graphic design with over 3 million sold. It had over 20 versions and the first Mac version costed $895 in Mac. It is hard to go wrong learning the most popular graphic software program.

Photoshop Can Be Used for Social Media Design

Photoshop is a versatile tool and updated to the latest marketing trends. We received 5x as much information in 2014 as in 1986 and researchers have found that color visuals increase willingness to read by 80%. (source: visualcapitalist.com)

The software program can be used for making visually attractive marketing material in Social Media with its template for social media marketing.

It Can Be Used For Web Design

More and more brick and mortar stores are building E-commerce websites with Shopify or WordPress. Only 28% of words on a web page are actually read on an average visit so photos are very important.

PhotoShop can be used to make inspiring designs that transform a web design of an outdated website faster than a brick and mortar store can change its layout.

You Can Use It For Photo Editing

Everyone has a smartphone and lots of photos that are not taken professionally. 

PhotoShop is even a verb to "photoshop" photos with its default photo editing tools like

  • Healing Brush can easily smooth imperfection and hide blemishes automatically,
  • Patch Tools can retouch your photos blending background well and hide distractions
  • Clone stamp can remove objects manually similarly to patch tools
  • Even for your family album, there are endless possibilities to remove red eyes function and also fix the lighting issue.

With Photoshopping, you can maintain your digital art in the best condition with minor image editing.

There are Free Tutorials on Photoshop

If you wish to start a graphic design profession, you can start from many tutorial sites offering free course materials in their introductory courses. 

You can pick up basic graphic designing techniques just from free online learning courses on your own.

Alternatively, many bloggers or YouTubers also have free offerings on their Photoshop experience. You can just ask friendly bloggers or YouTubers for tips when you trying to learn their graphic designing tips.

There Are Advanced Courses To Master It

If you have a company training budget or prefer to learn step-by-step, there are also many advanced courses to master PhotoShop (though I think you can never master graphic designing with unlimited filters). The online courses include

  • CreativeLive offers $10.99-$17.99 courses with a 24/7 live stream of creative from experts giving a classroom experience
  • Udemy also has many advanced training courses ranging from $17 for classes on specific tasks to $59 for advanced courses and those that cover the full program.

In schools, they also loved to teach Adobe PhotoShop because it is the most prevalent graphic designing software program.

PhotoShop Is Learned Skills

Many alternative graphic designing apps fallback to the UI of Adobe PhotoShop because people are used to it to reduce switching costs. This makes learning Adobe PhotoShop a worthy investment if you plan to master graphic design.

Adobe Photoshop is also part of Adobe creative suite like Adobe Illustrator. It will be easier to learn the other graphic designing software application in the suite due to familiar keyboard shortcuts and user-friendly interfaces.

You Can Use It For Product Photography

If you want to be a small business owner and is particular in image design, you would rather not outsourcing photo design.

The versatile tool can be used for your small business needs like making business cards, creating greeting cards for your customers, even making T-Shirt designs for sales with product photography.

You Become A Savvy Individual

For potential employers and business owners, seeing you listing Adobe Photoshop as a skill in your resume makes a special one with graphic designing ability. Adobe Photoshop is expensive and most people will not invest time and money in it. 

Therefore, you become one of the many savvy individuals who are graphic designers and can also do contract work with it using the free trial version.  

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