Are Niche Sites Still Profitable? 71 Profitable Niche Sites

In IncomeSchool YouTube video, they shared 74 niches with over 10,000 traffic of which 71 websites are profitable. If you just wish to get the list of websites and reported profits, I included the domain names and profits in a table at the end of this article. 

Like many of you I wonder if niche sites Still Profitable? Niche sites are profitable given there are 71 shown on IncomeSchool videos. The list excludes 633 being sold with profit in Flippa, and many other in marketplaces. The main problem is the passive income from most of these niche sites cannot replace income from full time work.

Based on the 74 niche sites mentioned in the IncomeSchool Video,  1 website was completely ignored as it just copied their site. "You just can't steal success" as they said. There are several others with $0 profit and some with exceedingly high profit for the traffic:-

  • SheGirlKnows didn't have profit during the video but the author commented she had $250 profit now
  • was excluded since it was not monetized, i.e not profitable.
  • was excluded since it had $0 profit too.
  • I assumed Algotrading101 $40,000 was yearly too and divided it into 12 months

Doing some simple analysis of profitability of the 73 niche sites (excluding the one that copied results),

  • $899 was the average profit for the 73 niche sites
  • 67% or 49 niche sites had profit over $100
  • 32% or 24 niche sites had profit over $500
  • 24% or 18 niche sites had profit over $1,000
  • 12% or 9 niche sites had profit over $2,000

I also did a "Just Sold" search in Flippa with monthly profit over $1, and there were 633 results. There are definitely many niche website that are profitable.   

Assuming that reported profit included all expenses like hosting and outsourced writing costs, we can say that there are easily 700 hundreds of niche websites that are profitable in Flippa and from the video, excluding the many more available in EmpireFlipper or other marketplaces.

My main problem though, is they don't earn enough to replace a full time job.

Niche Sites That Earned Over The Minimum Income

For example, the estimated US minimum sum in a month is $1,256.7. 

Out of all the 73 sites, only 20% (15 niche sites) of the 73 niche sites exceed the US minimum income. 

We can safely said that less than half of the website makes sufficient income to replace a full time job. 

The good news is that some of the website owners lived in poorer countries and that is a lot of money.

The bad news is for those living in US, the number of unsuccessful niche sites exceed the number of successful niche sites. Therefore, if I was to guess the number of profitable niche sites over the entire internet, I would guess it is less than 1%.

Improve Traffic For Existing Website Owners

If traffic is an issue whereby you either got less than 1,000 traffic per post, you should consider the following

Consider Suitable Social Media Traffic

SheGirlKnows was surprising Income School as it was only a few months old and getting over 20,000 traffic due to Pinterest. As mentioned, it only works if the target audiences of your niches can be found in Pinterest which is predomaintly female. It can work without needing to wait for Google search engine to pick up your content as long as you create suitable content in the social media.

Better Keyword Research

The bulk of successful websites in competitive niches like cooking and mental health is surprising too. The key is definitely winning on the keyword research though I am not sure if the sites did backlinking or other odd methods. It does bring hope to many who avoid Your Money Your Life niches and do not even consider trying them at all. 

One example is to use a product comparison (A vs B) post to get more traffic to your site.

Battleship Method

This method was detailed in one of IncomeSchool videos, whereby you don't know where the traffic will come from. But after testing with many contents, you will start to know which content works and just focus on it like how you sink an opponent battleship once you get a hit.

Improve Monetization For Existing Website Owners

If monetization was an issue, whereby you earn less than $1,000 for every 30,000 visits, you should consider the following.

Consider Google Adsense Alternatives

Many of the websites relied on Google Adsense which was strongly discouraged by IncomeSchool as Ezoic usually give better CPM and is faster than Adsense.

The slowness of Adsense is true and surprisingly if you did not know as I tried some Lighthouse speed test and it is always the Google Adsense javascript that was the main culprit. Nevertheless, I will be surprised if Google Adsense Team does not improve it before Core Web Vital (speed of displaying meaningful content to users) became a ranking factor.

It was also mentioned that as an IncomeSchool member, there was a tie up with Ezoic and you can join immediately without traffic too. This is definitely helpful for people who had trouble joining Adsense at the start without any traffic as I see those in forum frequently.

Consider Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

Another key recommendation by Income School was to use better affiliate marketing with higher payout compared to Affiliate like Amazon. This is definitely very useful for those in special high paying niches like health or wealth and also those in niches that aren't product driven (like Anime, even Tennis was considered not a good niche given the lack of products).

Niches with High Profit

I will go through some of the websites with the highest profit with $7000/month profit

SimilarWeb stated 86,000 traffic per month and mainly from India. Honestly, SEMRush only gave this site 639 traffic/month too so I believed it is really mainly coming from India.

As a owner who had India traffic before which are really low paying in Google Adsense and also seeing the same thing in Facebook Ads (where many people will specifically exclude India, Pakistan, etc), I think this might be a good way to figure how to monetize cheaper overseas traffic if you really lived there and know the market. There seem to be an Apple and Android applications too. with $8333.33/month profit

As a dropshipper myself in my country, I heard of DSMTool before and surprised they reported their earnings to IncomeSchool. 

Anyway, I am pretty sure the profit include their own product so it isn't really a content niche blog per said and not comparable to someone who is writing a content blog. with $5000/month profit

This is probably a content niche website as I did not see any shop or product pages. It seems to rely on affiliate marketing with Amazon Affiliate and ShareASale affiliate disclaimer. 

SimilarWeb reported 0 traffic though and SEMRush reported very low traffic too so I am wondering how it. NeilPatel's suggested around 5,000 traffic mostly on the One Wheel which was a Kickstarter project in 2015 getting over $600,000. Not too sure how this site amass so much profit though

List of 73 Niche Websites Mentioned

  1. $1200/month on Guinea Pigs niche
  2. $46/month on Book Reviews niche
  3. $120/month on Smart Home niche
  4. $5000/month on Prepping and Self-reliance niche
  5. $3000/month on Computer Keyboards niche
  6. $23/month on Anime niche
  7. $5/month on Recreation Hotspot Finder niche
  8. $4/month on Site Dev Tutorials niche
  9. $900/month on Anxiety, Stress, Depression niche
  10. $30/month on Growing Plants niche
  11. $1800/month on Backyard Birds in the USA niche
  12. $250/month on Everything Ukulele niche
  13. $120/month on Bios of Famous People niche
  14. $0/month on Living Green niche
  15. $300/month on TENS Therapy niche
  16. $250/month on Embroidery and Textile Art niche
  17. $250/month on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle niche
  18. $85/month on Gardeners niche
  19. $500/month on Tennis niche
  20. $14/month on College Class Topics niche
  21. $2200/month on Recipes niche
  22. $1000/month on Psychology of Song Lyrics niche
  23. $250/month on Mechanical Guides niche
  24. $250/month on Smart Home niche
  25. $30/month on FAQs on Dog Breeds niche
  26. $120/month on GRE & GMAT Prep niche
  27. $824/month on Men's Grooming, Underwear niche
  28. $100/month on Quotes about Everything niche
  29. $400/month on General Tech Topics niche
  30. $2000/month on Tropical Fish Care niche
  31. $200/month on Shopify & Wordpress Dev niche
  32. $0/month on DAW Ableton Guides niche
  33. $6/month on Angular Guides niche
  34. $3000/month on Recipes niche
  35. $5000/month on eScooters & eBikes niche
  36. $60/month on Beagles niche
  37. $75/month on Unicorns niche
  38. $57/month on Forum for Questions niche
  39. $1300/month on Raspbesrry Pi niche
  40. $3333/month on Algorithmic Trading & Python niche
  41. $2300/month on Motherhood niche
  42. $600/month on Recipes & Cooking Guides niche
  43. $120/month on Tech Opinions niche
  44. $650/month on Learning Python Coding niche
  45. $2000/month on Weight Loss niche
  46. $70/month on Home Electronic Projects niche
  47. $0/month on Nanny Job Finding / Listing niche
  48. $250/month on News niche
  49. $500/month on General Finance and News niche
  50. $300/month on Random Facts niche
  51. $7000/month on Tutorials in Tech Topics niche
  52. $40/month on Alternative Diets niche
  53. $300/month on Health, Beauty, Lifestyle niche
  54. $80/month on Wallpapers niche
  55. $150/month on Natural Hairstyle, Beauty niche
  56. $450/month on Throwing Axes & Tomahawks niche
  57. $200/month on Guitars niche
  58. $100/month on Learning Powershell niche
  59. $500/month on Educators and Parents niche
  60. $80/month on Business Ideas niche
  61. $400/month on Working from Home & Finance niche
  62. $130/month on Learning English niche
  63. $125/month on Men's Hygiene Tips niche
  64. $320/month on Guns & Ammo niche
  65. $1100/month on Home Painting niche
  66. $50/month on Glasgow Pubs niche
  67. $2000/month on Gaming & Tech Reviews niche
  68. $1200/month on Marketing niche
  69. $8333/month on Dropshipping niche
  70. $1400/month on Kitchen Appliances niche
  71. $43/month on Game Emulators niche
  72. $700/month on Lifestyle, Health, Finances niche
  73. $50/month on Sports News niche
Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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