3 Business Ideas For Students With Low Investment (With Success Stories)

To all students out there, thinking of starting your own business knowing others' success stories?

3 business ideas suitable for students with low investment are 

  1. Thrift Cloth Shop with Excess Clothing
  2. Online Shop with Passion Like Jewelry Making
  3. Content Writing Stories

Fret not, here is a list of ideas that are relatively easy and require less capital and it did work before. These are good way to try earning your own pocket money and learn skills without spending money.

At the same time, you will also get to work for something that you’re interested in. It’s natural if you’re facing an idea overload and having great trouble choosing just one to work on!

  • Start A Small Thrift Shop Online From Excess Clothes (Like Jared Perlin From MSU)

At the top of this list is the idea of using social media platforms to create a small thrift shop of your own. Jared Perlin made his websites using Wix and Instagram related to Michigan States University and was covered in the news.

Source: StateNews

As a teenager, it is natural for you to experiment with different outfits, but before you even get to find your own style, your closet could have already reached its maximum capacity, and that’s a really scary thought!

That’s the time when you can do some packing — make sure to sort them out into various categories, from accessories to bottoms, or tops to outerwear, and decide what you want to let go of. Selling pre-loved items, or in other words, thrifting, has become very popular these days.

The younger generation’s style has been shifting towards the older trends of retro and Y2K fashion. Making a statement is becoming a very popular fashion trend, so if you or your family members have clothes which you find too outdated or no longer fit your style, maybe you’ll want to share them with others!

You simply have to take some nice pictures of these pre-loved items and share them on any of the social media platforms like Instagram.

Moreover, you can make use of this online shop to show off the fashion sense you possess. Take for example, the multiple Instagram pages and Youtube videos that have been created to inspire fashion for work or schools.

Their popularity does not ever cease, and this is because people are constantly on the lookout for new ways to dress, especially at times like this current pandemic where there are only so few times we get to go out and meet our friends.

Another thing you may consider incorporating into your online shop is personality type-inspired outfits, something which has been fairly popular on social media recently — this shop could turn out to be a fun way for you to match outfits that you think different MBTI personalities would wear, and at the same time you could promote your pre-loved items.

If you’re someone who feels like it’s time for a closet cleanout and you’re also thinking of earning some additional pocket money, then this idea of a thrift shop may be perfect for you!

  • Start An Online Shop From Passion Like Jewelry Making (Like Shilpa From ShiffOn)

Next, I’m sure all of us have something that we really love doing and have become rather skillful at. In fact, a 20-year student, Shilpa Yarlagadda, did so well that Michelle Obama wore her rings as covered on CNBC.

Source: CNBC


You could have picked up the art of handicrafts, such as crocheting or jewelry-making during this pandemic where you were home.

To date, you may have spent quite a lot of money purchasing the materials and equipment to pick up this skill, such as the crochet yarns, jeweller’s saws or the resin moulds. So why not make these skills and interests of yours turn into avenues for you to earn additional pocket money?

With the advent of the Internet, it has been a lot easier and cheaper for anyone to open online shops, and this can greatly help you earn extra revenue to fund and sustain your interest, especially if it is rather pricey. Who wouldn’t agree that making money while doing something you love is a win-win situation?

At this point, however, it is perhaps good to point out a caveat — starting a business from something that you love doing can result in the opposite effect of what has just been mentioned. Rather than helping to fund and sustain your interest, your passion may dwindle as you constantly rush to make, post and promote your products.

Nonetheless, regardless of the challenges you face, view this platform as a valuable learning opportunity for you to share your works with others. After all, you already possess both the skills and equipment.

Since you did not deliberately spend time and money trying to find the right materials and learning how to use them, view this business idea as a chance to come up with your very own creative designs, and perhaps, someone might like it so much they offer to buy it from you!

Handmade and personalized goods ranging from crochet bags and sweaters to resin jewelry and bead bracelets are all items that are favorites among youngsters now!

Platforms like Tiktok and Instagram showcase so many users sharing their works and hobbies with everyone else and I’m sure you’ve stopped to look at the making process and the final products even if you’ve never bought anything from these shops. So take this business idea into consideration if you’ve got something you think is a special skill of yours! 

  • Content Writing Stories (Like Roth did in the Divergent Movie Series)

Another idea you may want to consider is content writing, content creating, or writing for blog posts. Veronica Roth, started writing in school for young adult and had her books turned into a 3-part trilogy movies making USD$765m in box office (288.9m, 297.3m, 179.2m respectively).

Source: Epicreads.com

Some teenagers may already be stressed writing numerous essays at school but others may find this idea exciting if they have a genuine interest in writing.

The idea of blogs may appear rather outdated, especially since we can easily create social media accounts to share our views. But rest assured, many people still read blog posts today, and writers like you are required! Google is still profitable!

Similar to the handicrafts idea, these content writing roles allow you to do something you love while earning additional pocket money. Besides, you wouldn’t have to incur a lot of costs even if you wanted to set up your own blog or website to write about the things you would like to share. If you don’t find writing a hassle and in fact enjoy writing, I believe you’ll find a lot of joy in this job. 

Hopefully, these business ideas have given you some inspiration and have sparked your creativity! With the easily accessible Internet, one is no longer restricted by geography and finances to be able to open a shop.

Try to find something that you like doing and you can easily share it with others on these social media platforms, and maybe it’ll become an avenue for you to earn extra pocket money. All the best!

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Author: Ansley Goh
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