Hockey Stick Growth Marketing

One common term used in startups and entrepreneurs is hockey stick growth.

I bet you heard this a few times but have you ever asked what it really means?

The fact is that many startups experience flat growth when they start a business before they see any significant changes in revenue. They usually not grow for the first few months or years and this stagnant growth is recognized as the blade part of hockey stick while the rapid growth they experience later is recognized as the handle.

To make it simple to understand, take this the shape of an inverted hockey stick. New startups usually experience stagnant growth for some time and once a certain point is reached, growth takes of astronomically. If this type of growth is charted in a graph, it will usually look like a hockey stick.

Hockey Stick Growth

The hockey stick growth of startups can take from a few weeks to years depending on the type of business and several other factors. Usually, it happens when you create a bulk of great content in a short period and Google takes time to find and rank them accordingly. The other kind of situation is due to a sudden awareness or endorsement from a celebrity.

One question that most of the people have in mind is whether all companies experience hockey stick growth? The answer is ‘’No’’ as some companies have a constant upwards trail while other companies will see ups and downs as it thrives through.

Does hockey stick last forever?

Definitely not, if you are wondering whether this effect will last forever then there are several things you have to note. The time it takes to break depends on several factors such as the

  • sustainability of growth (continuous great content); and
  • likability of content (do people come back?). 
After some time, the growth will start to taper off and flatten. What makes the difference is marketing penetration, competition, and effects of saturation.

The effects of hockey stick marketing

As startups, we usually want to see our businesses pick up as fast as possible. The fact is that it doesn’t always work according to our expectations and hence there are several things we have to do to make it work really fast.

I bet you already know that there are several frustrations that are involved in starting a business. If you are not careful, these challenges can set you back. Apart from hanging the boots, you can hold on with the below strategies of achieving Hockley stick growth in your startup.

With all what is needed to achieve more in the market, you will eventually position your business and end up setting a strong base. You just have to be a hard working entrepreneur and be ready to learn the entrepreneurial trade. The fact is that the biggest problem that entrepreneurs have to overcome is confidence and self-doubt. With that in mind, then am sure we can execute our biggest dreams.

To experience hockey stick growth today with money, there are a few things that you can do such as Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

I bet you already know that on FaceBook alone, video views have topped the list. According to statistics, they have topped 8 billion views in a single day. This is the first thing that tells you something about the integral benefit of using video marketing. To start on this, you have to experience with crowd-sourced and original videos on all your communications platforms. There is evidence that videos are very important in marketing. They give prospective customers a clear picture of the business. As a matter of fact, videos are incredible tools for startups. However, to make this strategy useful, you have to keep your videos short, sweet and relevant.

Track your data and analyze it

Starting with social media marketing is very easy. If you haven't started on one, then there’s room for you to start today. However, when you are starting, you just have to commit yourself to some basic social media marketing strategies. You can start with FaceBook marketing because it is simple and very easy to execute. However, through all this process, the marketer should keep the data about the audience size, the organic reach of your post and the engagement rate. You also have to analyze this data to see whether you are making any progress with time.

Keeping track of this data puts you at a better position to determine which contents attract a good number of people and which are shared the most. After that, it's upon you to tweak the content based on the data.

Be aggressive when you are starting

Most people will tell you that aggressiveness will never pay but I say there’s a lot of things attributed to aggressiveness. As a matter of fact, it pays when you are marketing your business at this time. If all that you want is to experience hockey stick growth within the shortest time possible, then the first thing that should cross your mind is achieving all that it takes to scale the business. As a matter of fact, you have to be working late hours. It also pays to keep on moving when everybody else around you says no.

In this case, you don’t have to see your aggression as a negative thing. It is something that will pay off eventually. Top entrepreneurs today will tell you that they have to be aggressive to achieve what they have today.

The bottom line

Nobody said that you have to wait for years for your business to achieve hockey stick growth. One thing I believe in is that when you are starting, the possibilities are endless. With the above tips, achieving hockey stick growth will be very simple. So don’t worry while you are starting, you just need to be active and appreciate any good thing that comes your way.