Digital Branding Starter Guide

Digital Branding to Customer

What does digital branding mean

Digital branding is the new marketing mantra and has several advantages that it brings to your business. In simple terms, digital branding is a very involved marketing technique that seeks to develop a brand over a range of digital avenues including device-based applications, Internet-based relationships, and media content. This technique uses a combination of digital marketing and internet branding to ensure everything works as planned.

Digital branding aims at increasing product recognition by creating a staunch connection between the consumer and the product. What this means is that the sole aim of digital marketing is to enhance brand awareness, image and the style of the brand and not to increase sales.

What is involved in the brand establishment?

Brand establishment involves a series of four key points which includes

  1. building a digital brand story,
  2. doing creative in digital media and digital channels,
  3. distribution of digital contents, and
  4. after gathering customer data and habits and eventually creating digital relationships.

Is there any difference between digital marketing and brand marketing?

One mistake that people make is to use digital marketing and brand marketing interchangeably. The fact is that these two terms are completely different from each other. Digital marketing is about showcasing the good part of a product. It involves pushing that specific service or product depending on how good it is. On the other hands, digital branding is more about showcasing the values of a company rather than focusing entirely on a specific product.

As a good example, digital marketing will focus on marketing a specific product and after that product is discontinued, the intentions on that particular product will be shifted to a new product that is being introduced. However, digital branding will remain even long after the product has been replaced or discontinued.

Digital branding aims at giving some reasons for the customers to

  1. make them think about your company first when they are buying a product, and
  2. give them reasons to stick to you when they want your services again.

In simple terms, digital marketing is more about getting a one-time buyer while brand marketing is more about giving customers reasons to come back for the product. It is more about building long term relations between customers and the company.

Why is Digital Branding important?

One thing that most SMEs didn’t know is that there are several benefits of digital marketing. There are several reasons why most of the companies today are focusing more on building a long term relationship with the customers rather than attracting a one-time buyer. Here are some of the benefits that your company is likely to get from digital branding.

  1. Always there - Big businesses marketing campaign spread out on different online platforms. By spreading out on different online platforms such as online advertisements, chat sites and even social media, it increases your business visibility in different channels where your customer are, and
  2. Enables your business to go viral - In this era, going viral is a very critical thing. Going ‘’viral’’ means getting enough exposure which eventually draws more customers to your company.


We hope you understand digital branding better with our explanation and continue to focus on branding and not marketing. The customer is always king which is why a company like Amazon grew to be so large company too. We will update this post constantly as we gather newer information about branding so be sure to bookmark.