Is SEO difficult to learn

We feel SEO is easy to learn, but practical SEO is very complex.

Difficult SEO terms

The world that man lives in is indeed a complex one, sometimes what makes it complex is the fact that we live in a human community that evolves from time to time, and one way in which the world has evolved over the years, especially as it relates to the online world is the idea of SEO in writings and website content development. Although there is a cliché making the rounds that SEO optimization is hard. The truth of the whole matter is the fact that SEO is all about getting maximum results when you put in a little effort. As a matter of fact, if you know your coin well, it would not take time before you start ranking with your key terms.

It is a clear cut fact that when you understand the nitty gritty as regards SEO, you wouldn’t need to hire an expert for tasks that are related to SEO.

Furthermore, the whole idea behind the SEO that we know today, started with the key terms that started what we know as Google today. Much related to SEO is the ranking system on Google and it involves the fact that whenever a research work or word is most searched by people all around the world, such work or word ranks higher than others. This is what led to the page ranking on Google and much more of what gave rise to SEO optimization.

The algorithm system which is used with words and works on Google have metamorphosed into new technologies at the current and this has further made life better. However, the act of SEO optimization is so called in the sense that it helps to generate links to a search word based on how many times people have searched for the word. Hence when you type a word like “Son” it gives you a way to actually check for such word in many links as may be related to the word that you are looking for. The end goal of SEO is to get as much traffic as possible to a particular website.

Why SEO is not a difficult task

When you want to get your website to rank on Google, the first step that you need do is to make sure that such details about the website are made known to Google so that Google knows all about your website. The next step after this is to make sure that we find a keyword that links people to our site. The popularity of a keyword is the traffic goal of every website. The reason is that it is what attracts people to the content that your website is made up of.

Also, when learning about SEO, you need to make sure that you familiarize yourself with the concept of the tall tail words. The tall tail words are those keywords in a class of their own and the purpose of having this keyword is not to outwit similar users of the keyword but to make sure that such keyword is so unique that it would be difficult for close substitute competitors to undermine your need of the word. Someone might like to say, “how does one know about this kind of keywords?” Well it is actually not so hard, there are software and applications that can help you deduce the perfect keyword to use

You probably don’t even need to rack your head too much for many keywords that you could use for your website. When you log on to your UberSuggest or KeywordShitter, you could get all of the best keywords that suit your web search. The next thing that you need do after you must have found the apt keyword to make use of is to go straight to Google Keyword planner where you would export your keywords and then you would get the number of traffic that the keyword would bring. After you must have done that, you would then go ahead to search for the keyword with the use of the SEOQuake which would analyze the difficulty of the keyword.

It should be noted that irrespective of the keyword finder that you might have installed as a plug into your application, you must try as much as possible to search for keywords by brainstorming. Sometimes the better option for the keywords would come from you and not from the words that are generated from you. The UberSuggest plug-in option is just there in case you run out of options and then you are trying to generate the perfect keyword that would suit your website.

These all summarize the generation of keywords and the target of the SEO optimization process. The creation of a website these days is not so much about who designed it or the best tools that were used in the design of the website, it is how well read your blog or website is, and this you can make sure of with the perfect keyword that you would choose. It must be noted that content is not what distinguishes the best website from the rest. As a matter of fact, it is the SEO optimization process that distinguishes the best website from the rest.


SEO optimization is definitely not as hard as so many people paint it to be. Most times the articles that you read online, talking about SEO optimization as being hard is only because of one person’s opinion and this opinion is simply based on how much people know about the shortcut options to the picking of a keyword. Gone are those days when you need to brainstorm to get the perfect keyword for your website. These days with the easy plugin options and the number of the traffic estimation process, you can pick the best keywords that match your needs