How to turn a monitor to a TV

We realized non-technical people have this idea about converting a working computer monitor into a TV. The answer to the idea is yes you can convert any monitor into a TV, with some additional equipment (TV Card). Most people have a spoiled computer while the monitor is still in a sturdy working condition. among the many of the new users of such type of modern monitors that can computer monitors be used as a TV. Our recommendation is just to sell the monitor off if you are non-technical as it is not worth your time and effort. 

This article is all about giving you the most simplified way to this idea of how you can use the computer monitor as a television set.

Computer Monitor

Why Convert a Monitor Given the Trouble

It is more likely and almost in every case of scenario, that you can easily use a computer monitor just for the purposes as a television set but not directly as it is at the current condition as your going to need some extra pieces of equipment and also the proper knowledge of converting your old monitor or the monitor that you are not currently using with the computer system or even the monitor that you are using through the computer system at the current running time also as a television set for you. While purchasing a television can also be proved quite expensive factor for you but if you have a running computer set or even an old monitor or a monitor that is not currently used along with the computer that can be easily turned into a set of television for you to enjoy with the absolutely lowest amount of cost available.

First of all

TV Card

You are going to need some of the equipment that is necessary for the television cables for the dish cable to be attached with the monitor and also provide the images of the television network through your monitor display. Now not only that it is necessary that the monitor has to be isolated from the computer system but this fact is rather more pleasing towards the users that doesn’t matter if your computer is ruined or not or neither it would matter if the monitor is separated from the computer or not even if you have your monitor connected with your running computer system, also at that time you would have the ability to turn your monitor into the TV set or even the computer monitor just as you please.

The very basic thing that you are going to need in order to turn a monitor into a television set is that a TV card which is sold by many technological manufacturing companies and also computer-related equipment. What this device actually does is that it creates some additional ports along with your monitor and also processes the entire image and footage provided by the television cables for transmitting over the surface of your monitor and also making your monitor capable of connecting with the cable.

The second step

After you have the TV card necessary for your monitor to be connected with the television network you are going to need the most necessary thing in order to watch the TV shows and that is a proper sound system as the monitors don’t have a sound systems of their own or even if they have one then it is not likely that it is going to be of good quality just as a regular television is going to provide you. You can easily buy a cheap set of sound systems to be connected with the TV card that has been provided with your purchase of the package and also the TV card has the ability to process the sound through the sound port with the audio system that you have gotten.

The final step

After you are done connecting the TV box and also the audio system with the VGA cable that you are using the computer monitor to connect with, also you can connect the audio output even from the monitor directly if your monitor has that facility or you could just simply turned towards the TV tuner box in order to connect your audio device and also the cable or satellite box all at once with your monitor. After that they are only some few things that left to you for enjoying the proper television experience just through your usual computer monitor is that you have to turn on all the devices and use the TV tuner remote for controlling and select the input source for the cable connection through the monitor that you are using and also use the cable or satellite box remote control for changing or operating the total function just like a television. And that can close the answer to your question that can computer monitor be used as a TV.

In modern times it is very likely to see that almost every person who has the basic capability of the financial statement for buying or purchasing a computer has already one for himself. As already we have studied in our preliminary classes that computers are one of the highest levels of wonders of modern science. Just by owning a computer set can easily enable a person to words thousands and thousands of opportunities in front of him disregarding the factor of the specified sector which can be either education or even earning money or just for research just anything. But as days are passing by the technology is getting upgraded day by day and by level and level so it is more likely to happen that after a course of a couple of years the computer set or the personal computer central processing unit that you have for yourself is going to be quite outdated in terms of the new technology and the software that is being used inside. And also not as this upgrading factor is going to render the old Technology obsolete but also there is another thing that has been a machine this has more often the chances of getting out of service for quite some time or even you may also decide to sell your computer or the central processing unit of it just for some urgent money. 

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