Can space travel be possible or not?

Space travel is hard but is it possible? Yes, it is possible and not by normal means of improving current propulsion. The reason is that propulsion is too slow for interstellar travel. So the only logical way is to develop technology such as cryo to preserve the human body till the destination.

Space travelling

By the term space travel we don’t usually mean just to get outside of the area of this planet and towards space, because that has already been done. Neil Armstrong has already set his foot over the surface of the moon as the first of mankind and also there are a lot of satellites and also is an international space station. so if you think these type of work by the name of space travel then it is already done but rather than the actual space travel which is basically known as the interstellar space travel, comes along with the basic question is that will this or is it even possible to do it or not? This article answers in more details the question of yours that can space travel be possible or not. 

cryogenics technology

Interstellar Travel Between Star Systems

Interstellar travel is a term that is used for the purpose of manned or unmanned travel between the region of stars or different planetary systems. As interstellar travel is likely to be more difficult than interplanetary space flight, the total distances between each planet in the solar system are actually less than three astronomical units when the other hand the distances between the stars itself are hundreds of thousands of astronomical unit that are basically expressed in light-years. 

The speed that is actually required for the process of interstellar travel in a human lifetime will far exceed the total maximum limit of current methods of spacecraft propulsion technology that we can ever provide at modern time and also even with a hypothetically perfect and efficient system of propulsion the total kinetic energy behind the corresponding factors to those speed limits are actually enormous by today's standards of energy development. There are also a lot of suggested ways to do such type of travel such as building a giant shark that can actually carry entire societies of human civilization along with the ecosystems event towards the microscopic space probes that many different spacecraft propulsion systems have always been proposed to give the required speed limit including the process of nuclear propulsion and also beam powered propulsion. 

Does the theory by Einstein actually imply that interstellar space travel is impossible?

Actually, towards the opposite, it will help to make the interstellar travel process possible or at least to the least extent of possibilities within human lifetimes and the basic reason is acceleration. Humans are quite a vulnerable species of creatures and we can actually stand not more than 1G of total acceleration on to our body for an extended period of time and rather in this time we are most likely to experience all kinds of health problems that are going to impose more than 10G and this health problem will include immediate unconsciousness and even a rapid death. 

Time to travel anywhere with a significant amount of distance we are going to be needing the proper acceleration up to the travel speed and also then decelerate again at the other end and if the limit is to just say 1.5G for extended periods then this situation gives us a little bit of problem. And that is that everyone is going to die way before than the actual destination. But the actual theory of relativity is of helpful reasons to a lot of extents as the moment we get anywhere near the speed of light then the local time of our actual home space on the spaceship will dilate along with the fact that we will be able to get two spaces in much less time than it would take in a Newtonian universe.  

Secondly, comes a more immediate and also a rather practical problem and that is the actual amount of energy that it is going to take in order to accelerate something up to the relativistic speed that we are using is almost literally astronomical. for example, having a journey towards the crab nebula just as an example we are going to need to provide about 7 to 10 times of the power of the actual kinetic energy per kilogram of a spaceship to get up to the top speed that we are currently using. the rather more astonishing and yet painful fact is that the actually available source of power has more than enough in storage for us to hardness but we do not have the proper technologies yet to be developed that can actually harness and utilize the power to our cause. In order to power up a spacecraft to the proper need of energy storage system, the sun is able to provide almost twice as the power in the time of a few seconds. So the solar energy existing in our system is quite powerful and the only thing that we cannot use it that we don’t have the proper ways to utilize the available sea of power. 

The possibility of space travel

To have the simplest answer towards the question that can space travel be possible or not is that actually, all we need to do such type of travel is the proper technique which is yet to be developed and also to be proved as stable in use of such type of program. already various scientific groups have provided data through their research of such type of technologies such as the light sale or the starship, has already shown as enough potential that with the proper type of technologies these procedures can be easily followed and carried out towards a successful interstellar space journey. Just for instance as already have been discussed before that the proper harnessing technology could easily provide the power that is necessary for making and interstellar space travel from the sun within a matter of seconds. 

So the actual possibility of can space travel be possible, is basically relying on the factors that will mankind be able to develop such type of technology which can make this possible and that is totally up to the total technological development of our scientific society rather than just a simple yes-no answer. Alternatively, we can develop cryo technology to preserve the human long enough to reach the destination (e.g. Alpha Centauri).

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