Best Indoor plants in Singapore

Indoor plants are not only pleasing to the eye and provide mental peace, but they are also proven to be good for your health. Some plants have the ability to purify the air by removing harmful substances such as ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde. This air purifying ability was studied by NASA in 1980 when they were looking for ways to clean air. A study shows that plants lose water through their leaves during the respiration process so indoor plants can cause moisture in the air. This moisture will be a perfect treatment for those who have dry skin and effective for those where the air conditioner is switched on continuously. 

7 best Indoor plants that can be effective for your home


orchid national flower

The national flower of Singapore, orchids come in a variety of different colors and marking. These plants are beautiful and always pleasing to the eyes. They are equally effective for purifying the air. They are helpful in the removal of xylene this pollutant is found mostly in paints and glues. At night, they are a good source of oxygen so these can be kept in the bedroom. It is an excellent indoor plant. 

They grow well and remain healthy in a humid environment. Orchids need proper light for their growth. Humidity in Singapore is reasonably well, but be careful as these plants don’t tolerate excess moisture well. Make adequate circulation of air for plant roots. Orchids feel happy in a small pot so it is better to change the pot annually. 

The Peace Lily

It is another ideal indoor plant for your home. It requires only a small amount of water and energy. In return, it will remove toxins from the environment. It is helpful in removing pollutants such as formaldehyde (which is found in paper bags and synthetic fabrics) and benzene. These plants are handy as they have a high transpiration rate so they add a good amount of moisture to the air. If you have the issue of dry skin then it is one of the best house indoor plants. 

This plant will automatically give you a signal when it needs water as it droops. A general rule about watering is water the plant when the surface of the soil is almost dry. Water it thoroughly until the water starts to drain out from the bottom of the pot. To encourage flowering, use a suitable and recommended amount of fertilizers. 

Snake Plant

It is an easy grower plant and loves to leave alone in a corner of your room. It is better to place it in your sleeping quarters or bedroom as it releases oxygen in the night instead of a day. It is also helpful for the removal of pollutants such as xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde (that is present in paints, rubber, and glues) from the air. 

These plants have sufficient leaves so they can bear long periods of dryness. Usually watering these plants once in a month is enough but make sure that while watering soil id damp. Soil should be dry between the watering sessions. There is no restriction of light as these plants do well in low light also. But it is better to expose them to some bright and indirect light. 

Boston fern

If you are sharing your home with pets then it is a good choice for you. It is listed as a safe plant for cats and dogs. It has an excellent capacity in the air purifying department. It will remove pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Look wise, these plants are delicate, fussy and fancy. 

A little effort will keep the Boston fern happy. These plants required high humidity levels. They also need indirect but bright light. A perfect place to keep them is a moist bathroom. It will help to keep the leaves and soil wet. 

Rubber Plant

It also comes in a variety of attractive colors. Another name of this plant is Ficus Elastica. These are hardy plants that are still able to thrive even when they are neglected. Plants with high transpiration rates need regular watering but that’s not the case with rubber plants. These plants require only a small amount of water and can be put under the shady part at your home. It is good for the removal of formaldehyde and it also adds moisture to the environment. 

It is better to water these plants when the soil is completely dry. Most of the plants thrive in dim light, but it does well in indoor conditions. However, the vegetated need proper exposure to light that will help to maintain their patterning. 

Nerve Plant

Leaves of the nerve plants are usually multi-colored. They will be pink and green or white and green. It grows about 30 to 45 cm tall like the other best indoor plants. These plants are easy to grow and require less care. These plants do best in low to medium light and should not be exposed to sunlight directly. 

Maintaining the moisture level of these plants can be tricky. But due to the humid weather of Singapore, it is easy to maintain these plants. Pay close attention to the condition of the soil when it dries out start watering it. In order to keep them hydrated, you will need to mist them regularly. 

Chinese Money Plant

It is not only the money plant but one of the best indoor plants for homes and offices. It is believed that this plant will bring luck and wealth to the entire family. These plants are normally small so these are the best indoor plants. It is a fast-growing plant and very responsive to light. Never place it under direct sunlight. 

It requires watering only once a week. Make sure that the soil is not dried completely between the watering sessions. This practice will ensure that your plants are always in the best condition. 

These are some best indoor plants in Singapore. They not only add to the beauty of your home but also these plants are handy in purifying the air of your living environment. 

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