Benefits of Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is also known as urban farming. It is a way for the people living in urban areas to grow their own food if they can’t do that at least they must have access to local food.

Benefit of Urban Farming

This practice of urban agriculture is gaining popularity almost all over the world. Although urban farming is becoming popular and has lots of benefits, there should be an awareness campaign that can teach and tell people about benefits such as healthy food, economic prosperity, and social interaction. Few but the most important benefits of urban agriculture are given below:

It increases food security

If you are able to have excess and nutritious food which is safe also it means you have food security. Food security is a serious and major concern for most of the families all around the world. What has urban agriculture done? It has contributed very much to food security. 

It produces healthy food

The biggest advantage of urban agriculture is you will eat fresh food. You will get fresh food, herbs, fruits, and leafy green vegetables. Unlike the imported foods which are not fresh by any means. When you will have fresh food your health will be good. In urban farming, foods are grown and harvested on a daily basis. These foods are supplied to markets and also available at the farms. 

It creates a sense of belongings

It has created a social interaction among the people. Urban agriculture brings people together otherwise; every business was isolated and independent. So these farms are not producing only fresh foods but they are also bringing people close to each other. 

You will get a learning opportunity

In urban areas, urban agriculture has given a chance to dwellers to grow their own food. Growing own food or gardening will be a learning process. What you will learn in this process? You will learn about the best gardening solutions, light required for plants, the best nutrient’s solution, controlling temperature and also the other important things. When you will have learned these important things you can grow your own food at your home or have your own farm. 

You can make efficient use of land

In most countries, especially in Singapore, there is limited space available for food production. So, the use of land is very important. Use the land efficiently to grow food. Make use of rooftops or vertical gardens. In this way, you will be using minimum land and getting maximum output. There are many hydroponics systems that have been set vertically and even there are some indoor systems as well. 

Reduction in carbon emissions

When the food is produced locally it will cut the usage of transport to sell and transport the food. In this way, you are also cutting down carbon emissions. Urban agriculture has provided you the opportunity to purchase the food that is grown locally. It will save transportation costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

Innovative techniques

As in urban areas the availability of land is less for traditional farming methods so the urban farmers are asked to try different innovative techniques. They have the challenge of waste, resources, space, and energy. So there are lots of innovations that can produce high-quality food with the usage of minimum resources. Vertical farming methods have produced almost 30% more yield than traditional farming methods and consumed almost 90% less natural resources. And the food produced in this way is organic and pesticides free which means that you will enjoy more healthy and fresh food. 

Job Creation

Urban agriculture can create jobs in those cities where hunger is more and persistent issue. These local farms will create lots of jobs for people living in those areas. 

Better food quality

Urban agriculture will use innovative techniques and resources. As a result, food will be of high-quality. Better quality food will make your health good. Food produced by vertical farming does not contain any modified soil seed and pesticides. So the food is natural and the quality is much better. 

Improved Public health

As the population is increasing day by day so the people are facing many diet-related issues. These urban farms will bring local and nutritious food to the community. This food will improve the overall health of the public. This natural food will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. When an individual will be in the garden he will have some exercise so it will improve his health. 

Green Space

One thing that most of the urban cities lack is green space. Urban agriculture has provided this up to some extent. The ecosystem of the cities is improved in a variety of ways. What does the greenery provide? It is always pleasing to the eye and provides mental peace. Green space always reduces green-house emissions. Photosynthesis will cut down the amount of carbon. 

You will eat organic foods

The main thing most of the urban cities lack is the use of natural and organic foods. When the food is produced locally and by the latest techniques, it will be fresh and organic. It will not contain any harmful chemicals or fertilizers, so urban agriculture will provide you the facility to enjoy organic foods. 

Don’t worry about the seasonality

If you are producing food in indoor farms, then you don’t have to worry about the seasonality. Weather conditions will not restrict your growing capacity. Weather conditions can cause a loss of millions of dollars to traditional farming. 

Foods will be cheaper

Urban agriculture has provided ease to people to buy foods that are cheaper. Imported foods are very costly. So you will enjoy the fresh and cheap food at the same time. 

These are some most important benefits of urban agriculture. It is said that urban agriculture is the future, especially in most populated cities. It has lots of noticeable and unnoticeable benefits. So it has provided ease to almost every person to grow their own food. Without any doubt, urban agriculture has provided lots of proven benefits to people. 

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