ASMR is not actually relaxing

Quite often you get YouTube recommendations which are ranging from such type of videos like how to cut your own hair and also Princess Diana’s health conspiracy theories. A new suggestion that has been hitting most users in some previous week is that sleep-inducing haircut and it could be a regretting factor for some to click on it as the video begins with a blonde-haired girl seemingly whispering directly at me just like “Hello welcome to my hair salon I am going to be taking care of you.”

Creepy Voice


This is one of the main reasons why I felt autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is bad. While many of us are not exactly willing to sacrifice our personal mental space, ASMR is actually quite the opposite. This type of conservation methods is actually trespassing into a person's private space inside his or her psychological warehouse. After watching the video described above, many people could not actually shake that creepy and crawling sensation that went through as she was all over the body and what the rivers were actually feeling was the actually complete opposite of what they would hope to feel which is the fact of utter relaxation. 

But soon after a minute or two into such video, it is more likely to happen that you are going to feel quite uncomfortable and it was only a virtual thing and also quite hard to imagine what an actual horror series would make you feel like. From the personal opinion it can be thought that was actually the most answering factor about all of these type of personal experience would also reach through a YouTube video along with the whispering is able to make a lot of people filled with a level of anger and fear no more than ever thought the users that they can have even possibly.


First of all meaning of the users thought that it was just a joke until the girl in the video started touching in the face through the camera I mean not literally touching but she would give you such a feeling that by touching the camera on the screen in front of you she is trying to touch your face and along with the whispers and breathing made many users also anxious and after then they are quite furious of the video.

Despite feeling utterly bewildered, the users most often were not able to peel themselves away from the screen from the running video. And after that of the activity of the girl in the video is to be continued in the form of more questions such as is this your first time in my Salon and also I promise that I will be careful and many more which can rather be relaxing towards some number of people and while the people who have even a little bit of unsettling experience it is going to be quite uncomfortable for them to watch the whole video.

The total intimacy of the characters shown in the video has already been approved quite unsettling towards many users as this was clearly a very dark corner of YouTube but only 20 minutes into this video users Helen side very deep and also unable to get out such and intimated and depressing and along with uncomfortable video experience.

ASMR: introduction

ASMR Guide

Despite all the way address behind this actual fat this video has almost thousands of use and dictator had more than 1.5 million subscribers as also saying quietly accidentally many users have stumbled upon a whole new world of YouTube that of ASMR.

The full form of this term means autonomous sensory meridian response is basically for the term which is made for the sensation people get when they watch stimulating videos such as this one to be exact and also there are many people describe this type of feelings as in girls for head organisms that runs through the back of the neck and head and along with the sign and towards many users it is described that the feeling is DP relaxing and can even cause them to fall asleep this is definitely not something that actually happens during the video as the psychological condition of most of the people that are watching are not going to be positive. 

This procedure basically eating girls the brain of the user and can be also triggered in a variety of ways that are available such as role-play like the video just described above and also these videos are more likely to have involvement with seemingly personal attention and also his first in order to encourage the sensation of relaxation inside a person’s mind. After some research done on the actual reason behind people enjoying this type of videos the researchers of an thought that it might come from a sexual desire rather than any type of mental relaxation but that is exactly not the case as this entire process is only similar to sexual attraction in that what people like is personal to them.

Ever considered ASMR?

This seems very plausible too many users that this entire process itself is a very rare thing and also there is no reasonable explanation for 8 so maybe the actual process does something simulate your brain that a lot of drugs are doing in terms of nerve stimulation and also an awful lot of people have to save the moon-related problems going through this procedure. If you have ever considered going through this process then you might also to proper research on it as it may also cause you to have a proper amount of nervous breakdown and make you go on wild over your anger and white this can be easily said as the reason of why ASMR is bad.

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